HSC + 15min Tester

Hard work pays off. Here is Dan Felling, private coaching client of mine, TJ’ Gym athlete, and training partner, hitting a new PR on Diane. Dan tested this 3 months ago and had a time of 5:00. We identified his HSPU (along with other upper body push gymnastics) as a weakness. Two days a week he has performed upper body push gymnastics density training. Lots of on the minute work, occasional tests with large sets of dips/push ups/hspu, sometimes hitting this work non-fatigue, and other times under purposeful fatigue. The result was an almost unbroken Diane with close to 2mins shaved off. New time of 3:04. Great job pal!


If you want to learn more about where your weaknesses are so you can train with a purpose then reach out to me about coaching. [email protected]

Training Saturday March 2nd

A. Hang squat clean; build to a max
315 – pretty sure that is my best ever. stopped there even though i could have squeezed maybe a few more pounds out. First day back squatting anything heavy after a few weeks of aggrivateing knee thing. Went well but I didn’t want to push it. Plus my legs are smoked from 150 wall balls yesterday. 
5 min amrap hang squat clean 185# – 38 reps
4 min amrap burpees – 66 reps
3 min amrap wall balls – 40 reps
2 min amrap hand release push ups – 31 reps
1 min amrap calories airdyne – 27 cals
*super tough sequence. squat cleans went 5/4/3/2/2…. all sets of 2 after that. burpees i just kept moving. I think i had about 17 or 18 in first minute and averaged 16.5/minute. wall balls were sets of 5, push ups were all singles, and airdyne I brought it home at about 95%. still watching out for the knee and was hesitant to let it all out on the final minute