Hungry Traveler

Leaving home for me means a number of things. Among those many things I think about when leaving home is food. Where am I going to find great food? How will I prepare my food when I’m gone? Who will serve me healthy and delicious stuff that isn’t too much of a departure from the norm? Where will I find that one fabulous meal that is healthy by my standards but will make the trip memorable?

Megz and I are in Seattle for the weekend visiting her nephew Rafa. So for two nights we are crashing at her Brother Jason and Sister-In-Law’s place. Lots of play time with the baby, visiting with family, and eating some great meals. We also snuck in two days of training at Xplore CrossFit with Jordan Holland.

Epic meal number one at the recommendation of Jordan was to hit up the Portage Bay Cafe and get their gluten free pancakes. We opted to get not only the buckwheat pancakes but also the gluten free French Toast. Both were piled high with extra honey butter, also a the recommendation of Jordan. I had dreams last night about that French Toast. It was unreal. Not something that is going to find its way into my normal diet but it was delightful.



For Dinner last night we hit up Ma’Ono in West Seattle for some “Fried Chicken”. Order a day in advance. Ask for Gluten Free option. Very accommodating staff that made all our sides and dining options gluten free for us. It has been years since I had fried chicken and it was worth the wait. It was so crispy. My only complaint was there were no gluten free dipping sauces for the chicken. Megz got really into it and I caught her on camera.



My advice here is to think about your food when you travel. Plan ahead. Research a restaurant that has something special that you can enjoy but not feel guilty about. Plan a hard workout and go get your starchy treat after that. For us we got our GF french toast on the way home from our tough Saturday training session. You should try the same. For the rest of the trip stick with normal foods that are familiar to you. But find something special to mark the trip and make you feel good. I’m happy to report that after a day of eating GF french toast and GF fried chicken I feel fantastic without any tummy issues. Will I do it every day? No way.

Friday Training

A. Power snatch; 1 emom – 185# – 15 min
*complete, felt very manageable. was feeling a little knee irritation so I went with power snatch instead of squat snatch today at coaches suggestion
3 rounds for time:
7 Power snatch 135#
14 CTB chin ups
– 2:37
*No plan on this one. Didn’t pace it. Just went for it. Grip blew up on the last set of pull ups. Had to go to singles on last set of power snatch. Don’t remember the last time pull ups feeling this hard for me. Haven’t been doing that many of them lately so not a big surprise. 



For max reps:
3 min max reps ring hspu – 28
3 min max shoulder to overhead 135# – 45
3 min max burpees – 52
*this was shockingly hard. we had literally just gotten off the plane and arrived downtown Seattle. I walked a few blocks to the gym and got after this quick. Ring HSPU zapped my shoulders and the my plan to really attack the barbell didn’t go well. Then my plan to crush burpees was held up by my fried shoulders. Pushing back up off the floor was tough. 

Saturday Training

A. Power Clean and jerk; 2 reps on the min for 15 min @70% 1rm 
Used 100kg for this. Performed it as Power Clean + Push Jerk, Power Clean + Split Jerk. This felt like a great amount of work. I could have gone longer. But I got sweaty and breathing hard. Love this type of work. 
8 min amrap @85%
8 power snatch 95#
8 ring dips
24 double unders
– 6 rounds + 12 reps
Rest 4 min
8 min amrap @85%
Row for meters
– 1:50.8
rest 4 min
8 min amrap @85%
16 power clean 95#
12 hand release push ups
8 box jumps 24″
– 4 rounds + 5 reps

*First 8 mins felt solid. This pace felt like it could hold up as a great pace in Open style WOD. Rowing was consistent. Decided to try and hold a 1:50 pace and started out a little fast. But then settled in. My legs got tired at about 1min in and I held on with solid breathing. Final 8 mins were tough. Power Cleans were most 4/4/4/4 sets. Box Jumps with stepping down. Just felt like a struggle and felt slow.