Kettlebell Carry 3-Way


Weekly Warmup: Carry 3 Ways

A1. Bottom Up Single Arm Overhead KB Carry; 15m/arm; rest 45sec
A2. Single arm Farmers Carry; 15m/arm; rest 45sec
A3. Dual KB Rack Carry; 20m; rest 90sec x 3

Straight arm and bent arm carrying is not only an effective way to start a session, but a fun way to do some activation and strengthening. The brain gets different signals from straight and bent arm carries, so we have mixed in both here. Also, by using three different positions including hanging and overhead, you will work your scaps in several different ways to get your core and shoulders ready for an upper body intensive day.

Give these a shot and share your videos and photos on Instagram and Facebook with the hashtag #FBBWarmUp


For Max Load Unbroken Complete the Following:

10 Alternating Kettlebell Presses 
Alternating Kettlebell Push Presses
Alternating Kettlebell Push Jerks

*This is to be completed as one continuous set of 20 reps. It is essential that you complete these with quality and control in the early movements to have enough left in the tank for the final 4.