Kettlebell Workout 1/4

Heads up, kettlebell fans! If you’re waiting for Awaken Training Series to open, or if you’re doing the program and are curious to see how the principles of Functional Bodybuilding can be extended, we’re bringing you a four-part workout series to try. Each part will look at a workout from the Awaken Training Series programs (1.0 – 4.0) and show how the workouts can be adapted to focus on the kettlebell, which is a fantastic tool we use throughout Awaken Training Series, and that we love to explore and find new uses for. If you ever find yourself with limited equipment, we hope these ideas will help you get creative.

Give the training a try and tag us with #awakentrainingseries. We have accompanying notes along with sets and reps to ensure you understand the why behind what you are doing here.

Warm Up

4 Sets –

6-8reps Half Kneeling Bottom Up KB Press per arm
rest 30sec
12 Goblet Loaded Lateral Band Walks
rest 30sec
12 Scapular Push Ups on Kettlebells
rest 60sec

*Our warm ups are specifically designed for each training session to warm up the movement patterns and joints that are getting trained in the session to follow. In general we like to think about targeting musculature that supports the larger compound exercise that are to follow in our strength and conditioning sets. In today’s warm ups we are focusing on getting the scapular to turn on and start firing for the upper push and pull dominant session to follow.


A1. Kettlebell Incline Bench Press; 30X1; 6-8reps; rest 60sec x 3

A2. Incline Dual Kettlebell Prone Row; 2111; 6-8reps; rest 60sec x 3 sets

*In a classic upper horizontal push and pull superset, we are using slow tempos and higher time under tension along with moderate rest periods to focus a bit more on muscle endurance and motor control. (Tempo prescriptions start with the eccentric count, so the bench press would be down for 3 seconds, do not pause at the bottom, explode up, then pause 1 second before the next rep.)


B1. Single Arm Ring Row; 2020 Tempo; Max Reps on each arm at the prescribed tempo; rest 60sec x 3

B2. Feet Elevated Kettlebell Plank; 45-60sec unbroken; rest 60sec x 3

*In this second superset we are moving from two open chain exercises to two closed chain exercises coupled together. By moving to closed chain push and pull exercises we are training the muscle and brain in a slightly different way while still get in additional volume in the same movement pattern.

C. 5 Sets Not for Time

30sec Goblet Loaded Wall Sit
10 Semi Supinated Grip Kettlebell Push Ups @ 2111 tempo
20m Reverse Quadruped Crawl
rest 60sec between sets

*This is a simple start to conditioning in Awaken Training Series. The combination of isometric contractions with controlled concentric/eccentric contractions give us a balanced finisher that reinforces some patterns from above.

Enjoy and train smart,
Marcus Filly

P.S. If you need to expand your equipment, we recommend our friends at Kettlebell Kings for a great assortment and free shipping in the U.S. and Canada.