Kettlebell Workout: 3/4

Our Kettlebell series continues with a workout from Awaken Training Series 3.0, adapted to use and highlight the kettlebell. 

Workout 3 – Awaken Training Series 3.0 

We are coming to you today with a representative workout from Awaken Training Series 3.0. As with the previous two workouts we released to you, we have made some edits to the exercises by changing the loading implement to a kettlebell. What can be done with a dumbbell or barbell can often be done with a kettlebell with equal or more potent stimulus. The emphasis in this session today is primarily upper body pushing. There is some single leg knee flexion work to challenge mobility and hip stability, as well as one of our “intensity” conditioning workouts that is meant to be done as fast as you can with quality movements on the kettlebells. I hear often that people are concerned to push themselves cardiovascularly when doing weight training. The truth is that when the respiratory rate gets elevated and blood pressure is up from moving under fatigue, there are new methods of bracing and core engagement that take place to achieve movements that under a non-fatigue setting wouldn’t turn on. It is a great way to add something new to your training periodically.


Warm Up

3 Sets:

10-12 Wall Facing Handstand Scap Push-Ups

10m Goblet Duck Walk 

10 Kettlebell Windshield Wipers

rest as needed between sets

The warm up above is definitely one that is aimed at some hip and scapular engagement, along with some good rotational core work. Both set you up well for the session ahead.


A. Alternating Bridge Kettlebell Floor Press; 20X0*; 6-8/arm; rest 2mins x 4 sets

*Reminder on how to read these tempo prescriptions:

(Example – 20X0)
1st Digit – Eccentric
2nd Digit – Bottom Position
3rd Digit – Concentric
4th Digit – Top Position
“X” – means to move as fast as possible.

Each number represents the total number of seconds to complete the contraction or hold the isometric.


B1. Seated Single Arm Kettlebell Press (Rack Hold in Non-Working Arm); 21X1; 6-8/arm; rest 30sec between arms; rest 60sec before B2 x 3 sets

B2. Goblet Cossack Squat; 21X1; 5/side; rest 60sec x 3 sets

*The Seated Single Arm Kettlebell Press with a Rack Hold in the non working arm is one of our favorite in Awaken Training Series. More commonly we perform it with a dumbbell in the pressing arm and we execute a single arm Arnold Press. This press has been affectionately named the Filly Press as it is one that I started to implement in my training and fell in love with immediately.

C. For Time:

Run 800m

10 Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch per Arm – 24/16kg

10 Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch per Arm – 28/20kg

10 Single Arm Kettlebell Snatch per Arm – 32/24kg

Run 400m

10 Dual Kettlebell Clean – 24/16kg

10 Dual Kettlebell Clean – 28/20kg

10 Dual Kettlebell Clean – 32/24kg

Run 800m

*There are two loads next to each movement written. The load on the left indicates the load that a well conditioned Male athlete would use to get a very potent stimulus. Likewise, the load on the right indicates the load that a well conditioned Female athlete would use to get that same potent stimulus. It is encouraged to scale back the loads for these movements if you don’t feel confident to move under control with the loads suggested. Try to ensure that with each set of 10 you increase the load slightly.


D. Walk Cool Down – 10mins

Don’t neglect your cool downs! The body needs to be reminded that the fight is over and it is time to heal and recover. Start that process with a slow leisurely walk.




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