Kicking Off Paleo for 8-Weeks

Clients Email

“Ok Marcus, IT’S ON!

For me, as you know, I committed to trying the Paleo diet for 8 weeks (actually 4 weeks according to Robb, and then you upped the ante to 8 weeks). Well,… I guess this is the 8 weeks to do it … – I’m still working through the book – but not finished & I need your HELP! – I’m kind of freaking out … I have so many questions? … Can I have anything, other than eggs, for breakfast? How many fruits can I eat? Does it matter what type? Is Wine ok? (it’s from grapes!) How about scotch? Is Almond Milk (no sugar) ok? If not, what do I put in my shakes? Is non-dairy/non-sugar ice-cream okay? What if I throw up after eating coconut powder? Do I cook just steak, fish or chicken for dinner every night? etc., etc., etc.

I know I talk a big game (in order to psyche myself up for it) but I’m actually very intimidated and overwhelmed by this endeavor. It’s just that my whole life I’ve been quite a foodie who loves fine food & drink – I’m so sorry for the long rant – I just need some guidance to stay focussed and committed and know that I’m doing this right, to make this a true, worthwhile experiment.

Let me know your thoughts. … and as always, THANK YOU.”
Start by taking a deep breath. You are going to get through this magnificently and you are going to love the new you after. Here are you questions answered.

Breakfast – stop thinking of this meal like it is something special. It is just another meal of the day. Eat whatever you want that is meat and veggies. No you don’t have to stick to just eggs. I stopped eating eggs for a whole month to get some variety into my breakfast. Beef, chicken, lamb… their are tons of fabulous sausages at the farmers market of all different types of animals, not just pork. Meg and I love some rabbit sausage and brussell sprouts for breakfast.

Fruits – try to keep these to a minimum remembering that veggies are your first choice. When you pick up a fruit from the farmers market you can be pretty sure it is seasonal. This time a year I like apples and also citrus to squeeze on my food. Fructose in too high a dose is problematic so just be cautious. Don’t get into a habit of getting all your carbs from fruit. Veggies are king.

Wine – Robb addresses alcohol in his book. He gives a great recipe for a margarita. MOderation with your wine. Remember what TJ was saying. This is a plan for the rest of your life. Are you going to give up wine forever? Absolutely not. So find a comfortable balance with it this year. Ask yourself what it is about the wine that you love and need. Many of my clients have changed their relationship to alcohol during the process of switching to paleo. It isn’t’ the goal but part of the process. What do you get from being a foodie and a wine lover? So much I used to rely on these things for happiness. Wine makes me feel a bit worse than liquor. The NorCal Margarita that Robb drinks is actually great and I don’t get any bad side effects from it it I moderate my intake.

Almond Milk/Coconut Milk – These are great alternatives. Get the canned variety of coconut milk and thin it out with some water if it is too think. Great to put in your shakes. All i ever put in my shakes is coconut milk.

Non Dairy/Non Sugar Ice Cream – Sounds freaky to me. What the hell is in it? Rather than look for the exceptions and the corners to cut on the paleo diet, why don’t you look for all the ways you can adhere strictly. Why don’t you find the best and most delicious meat and veggies. Research great recipes to prepare and then share with the group your success. Pick up some of Robb’s dessert recipes in his book. They are awesome.

If Coconut flour makes you throw up…. thats OK. You just wont use that product.

Eating steak, chicken, lamb, fish, …. animal for dinner every night? Does that sound bad to you? Sounds great to me. Here are some questions to think about. What do you expect from a meal? What feelings should a meal leave you with? Who should be present at that meal with you? What does a meal look like in your mind? Start with these and begin the process of dissecting what you are made to think is a meal and what you are made to think is what you should eat. Breakfast is a great example of this. We are told by television and agro-business what food should look like at breakfast. Crazy what images we have burned in our heads on this stuff.

Till next time.