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30 Days to Confidence You’ll Keep

Have you ever tried a diet or short-term nutrition fix, and found it utterly miserable? When you decide to take control and change how you look and feel, motivation is high – at first. But drastic changes to your diet get old fast, and after the honeymoon is over, you’re right back where you started. Nobody likes eating bland food or starving themselves, no matter how badly you want to get lean. And when you swing wildly between “cheat days” and restriction, or bulking and cutting, the mental fatigue is real.

Hi, I’m Marcus Filly

Since I was 14 years old, I’ve sought knowledge on what and how to eat to get the physique I strongly desired. And now over two decades later, with years of experience as both a 6x CrossFit Games athlete and a health and fitness coach, I know exactly what it takes to get lean and stay that way consistently – both for myself and my clients. The secret is not in a fad diet, or an unsustainable level of misery involving bland chicken breast. The secret lies in knowing your numbers, meeting them with quality foods, and developing nourishment and movement habits that are so enjoyable you can repeat them for years to come.

While these habits take time to refine, what motivates my clients most is seeing fast results that reward them for their efforts – then using what they learned works for them to keep going, adjusting the plan as needed. The Look Good Move Well Challenge is a focused 30 day period where I will teach you what works, and support you every step of the way. Use this time to create momentum, stay motivated with a $1000 cash prize, see change, and lean on my expertise. Then equip yourself with these practices to keep going.

Get My Nutrition Toolbox

The Look Good Move Well Challenge provides everything you’ll need:

  • Custom Macro Calculator will email you target calories and macros, based on your activity, goals and nutrition preferences.
  • Food Lists, Build a Plate Guide, and Online Cookbook show you how to put together quality-focused meals that will fuel your body – while tasting fantastic
  • Resource Library with guides to healthy lifestyle practices around sleep, digestion, food hygiene, and more (lifetime access)
  • Weekly check-ins will help keep you accountable – when you complete them all you’ll be entered to win a $1000 cash prize for the best transformation
  • I’ll be personally coaching the participants through TrueCoach – connect MyFitnessPal to your account and I’ll be able to help with both training and nutrition. Be sure to ask for any feedback you’d like so I can make sure to respond to your questions promptly.
  • Join the conversation with your fellow participants in the Functional Bodybuilding Facebook group

Don’t Forget the Workouts

I’d never dream of a Look Good Move Well Challenge without supplying you with Functional Bodybuilding workouts to build strength, stability, and muscle while steering you clear of burnout and injury. Choose between Functional Body Composition (full equipment required) for an aesthetic focus, or Persist for the cutting edge of Functional Bodybuilding training. Persist includes both minimal equipment/bodyweight and full equipment tracks for ultimate flexibility – train absolutely anywhere with no worries. Both programs are delivered in TrueCoach, so I’ll be able to answer your training and nutrition programs in one place.

In both of these programs you’ll get:

  • Thoughtful warmups to prep for training and connect mind to muscle
  • Compound lifts and structural balance work to build muscle and get STRONG AS HELL week by week
  • Conditioning pieces to support your goals and balance movements and intensity levels throughout the week
  • Challenging, fun, varied workouts that will get you hooked on training. If you’ve seen my workouts on Instagram and thought, “that looks crazy fun” you are 100% correct – now’s your chance to give it a go!

Do You Like Money?

When you complete all your check-ins and crush the Look Good Move Well Challenge, we will award a $1000 cash prize to the best transformation. Of course the real reward is in the changes you’ll see in yourself – and the knowledge of how to repeat them. But a little extra incentive never hurts.

Register Now – Start Jan 18

Registration is open until January 18, 2021 at 5pm Pacific. The Challenge begins on Monday so you’ll need to submit your starting entry and get your macros in hand. We’ll walk you through it step by step – but don’t wait! I’ll be ready and waiting to coach you and can’t wait to see what you can accomplish.

Here’s What You’ll Get With the Challenge:

  • Custom macros – recalculate any time you need to during the 30 Day Challenge
  • 30 days of workouts in TrueCoach – choose either Functional Body Composition or Persist
  • 30 days of access to Marcus Filly for questions
  • Daily tips and podcasts, and weekly check-in prompts throughout the Challenge
  • Resources to keep including recipe library, nutrition and lifestyle guides, and more
  • Functional Bodybuilding Facebook group to join the conversation
  • Entry for a $1000 cash prize if you complete all your check ins!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Kind of Coaching Will I Get?

As the Challenge is a large group program, Marcus will be checking in daily to respond to questions from participants – so if you would like feedback on any of your training or have questions about how to calculate your macros, are getting stuck, or need any support, do ask! We will not be individually monitoring each participant’s workouts or nutrition daily, but will respond promptly to any questions posed in TrueCoach.

Can I add this onto an existing FBB program?

Absolutely! If you are already in Persist or Awaken Training Series, please add a note during checkout. We will add your macros onto your account and transfer your account to be coached by Marcus during the Challenge, but keep your training as is. If you have any issues or questions just email us at [email protected].

What if I'm a vegetarian/vegan/keto/etc.?

The Look Good Move Well Challenge can work with any eating style – but we do emphasize quality nutrition. If you are looking for a way to get shredded and still eat fast food 5 days per week, this is likely not the Challenge for you. If you are currently carb cycling or want to try it, the Challenge can accommodate different macros on different days of the week.

What happens when I sign up?

Once you register for the program, we will set you up with an account for TrueCoach, our workout delivery platform.

This can take up to 24 hours or so, but you’ll get immediate access to the Member Area of our website, where you’ll find the Macro Calculator, recipes, resources, and more to get you started while we are setting up your account.

Once you are in TrueCoach, complete your first Check In and then wait for the program to begin on January 18. You’ll see your workouts and check-in prompts within the TrueCoach app (or website). Message Marcus any time with questions, or check the Knowledge Base for answers to the most common questions participants often have when they are getting started with Functional Bodybuilding.

What happens at the end of the Challenge?

We will choose a winner the week after the challenge completes from those who completed all their check ins within TrueCoach. After the Challenge, your account will be archived unless you continue on with a Functional Bodybuilding subscription (or if you are already enrolled in Persist or Awaken Training Series). We will provide more information towards the end of the Challenge if you wish to continue on.

Do I Have to Use MyFitnessPal?

We recommend tracking your macronutrients throughout the 30 day Challenge to help develop your knowledge of what works best for your body. If you choose not to track or to use a different tracking app or method, you can still participate by completing the weekly check ins. However, we recommend using MyFitnessPal because it connects to your TrueCoach account, which will allow us to make recommendations and answer questions about your training and nutrition all in one place.

I don't see my question here - help!

More questions? Contact us and we’ll take care of you right away.