Lows, Highs, and a Bunch of Middles

Lows – When you feel down. When life gives you lemons. When you hit an obstacle that you cannot overcome in that moment. These are the times that we learn so much about ourselves.

Highs – When you are rewarded for your¬†perseverance. When the commitment you show to your path is rewarded with intrinsic success. When being your most honest and true self allows you to achieve everything you want. When you don’t have to sacrifice your core values in order to see triumph.

Middle – Where we spend most of life. “The Journey”. Not high and not low, it just is what it is. The mission, make the middle a joyful, peaceful, and exciting journey. The goal isn’t to live the Highs and the goal isn’t to avoid the Lows. Accept that they will happen. Then focus on being fulfilled and complete with the middle. Appreciate that it is where you are supposed to be.¬†

The past two training days serve as a great example of the above 3 phases.

Wednesday – Training Part 1

A. Hang power clean 3, 3, 3, 2, 2, 2; rest 3 min

245, 255, 265, 275, 285(1), 285
* Not my most graceful HPC ever but I was able to move more weight in this movement than ever before so I’m pretty psyched about that. Feeling a little bit of a high after the double at 285


B. Front squat @22×1, 5, 5, 3, 3; rest 2 min
225, 245, 265 (passed out), 245 (dumped after 2 reps so dizzy)
*Super frustrating. These squats didn’t feel heavy but I got so light headed every single set. This highlights my long standing problem with front squats. I struggle with bar placement and breathing when in the front rack position on squats. I’ve passed out on cleans before from this and front squats. The most frustrating thing about this is that I felt so confident I had figured out my issue. However, today was worse than ever. The 2sec pause in the squat threw off my breathing. Music fades out, body starts to quiver and shake, and I have to dump the bar. This stayed with me most of the rest of the day. I was feeling a little off for the next few hours and was nervous to take on my afternoon Tester.

Wednesday – Training Part 2


power clean 135#
ring dip
This felt great. Fast with just a couple short breaks. Both sets of 21 were unbroken. Set of 15 Cleans were 10/5 and set of 15 ring dips unbroken. Set of 9 cleans was 5/2/2, and set of 9 dips was 5/4. Next time unbroken and quicker transitions. Definite high.


Cool Down with 300m Row easy x 10; 1 min rest

Thursday – Training Part 1

Oly skill 30 min
– Focus on moderate load TnG power snatch. Worked on high speed of turnover.

On the minute for 12 min:
Odd- 12 thrusters 95#
Even- 14 CTB chin ups
On the minute for 12 min:
Odd- 10 power clean 135#
Even- 12 toes to bar
On the minute for 12 min:
Odd- 15 DL 205#
Even- 8 ghd sit ups

*The amount of work in this particular Thursday Noon EMOM session was the most yet. Everything doable and unbroken but watched the rest periods seem to get shorter and shorter as the training session went on. Everything felt fast and strong. But the session was a grind. This session was a great Middle session. Nothing spectacular, nothing terrible, but just a lot of hard work right in the middle. I love sessions like this where the expectation is to simply just do it. No time to compare with, no numbers to report, just hard work and focus. Middle of the road training like this makes me feel good.


Thursday – Training Part 3

PM – Monostructural MAP Session
Airdyne 10 min z1
Airdyne 30 sconds @85%
Airdyne 30 seconds @50%
(rest 5 min bw sets 20/21)
Set 1 – 282w/406c (caught a terrible side cramp on set 16-17-18 and had to lower 85% to 250w)
Set 2 – 285w/405c
Airdyne 10 min z1

*Another long grinding workout. On these sessions the body isn’t the limiter it is more the brain. I found the right groove to get into with my power output on each set but when you are staring at the clock and you know you have 30+ mins left to go it gets very tough. Again, these sessions don’t leave me feeling super high or super low. There is only the expectation that you will get on and work hard. I don’t have numbers and values to compare to other than my own. Right in the Middle. And for the first time I really started to try and appreciate the work while I was doing it rather than wait until I was done to feel the sense of accomplishment.