Managing Post Competition Soreness

The OC Throwdown is behind us. People already have their sights set on the next competition ahead. Fans are excited about the Norcal Master Competition this weekend on the 19th and 20th. The number of hits on the SicFit website searching for OC throwdown media is probably coming down a little bit. All that is left this week is the soreness and physical discomfort that I’m sure many of the competitors including myself feel. Monday and Tuesday were the absolute worst. The legs were beaten down. Front squats, sand bag carry, pistols, GHD, wall balls, thrusters, lunges, cleans, the quad onslaught last weekend was relentless. The calves were second to the quads. Carrying a sandbag is murder on your calves. So are box jumps which showed up in not just one but two workouts. Lastly the lats were super tight. My arms felt like they were pinned to my side and lifting them overhead would be a miracle to accomplish. I guess chest to bar pull ups, ring muscle ups, bar muscle ups, and rope climbs all had something to do with that.

So how do you get through the soreness. I paid a visit on Tuesday to San Francisco CrossFit. Kelly and Juliet Starrett (maybe you’ve heard of them) just changed their location to a beautiful indoor facility. I wanted to see what they had done with their new place. Nothing short of amazing in there. Very well equipped and as always they are the nicest hosts. I got into a brief conversation with Kelly about recovering from an insane weekend like I just had. At one point he said “you should be on that spin bike for 45mins and if your heart rate gets above 120 it is a mistake.” I really hadn’t done much movement up until that point and my legs were feeling terrible. I actually liked the idea of getting on a bike to spin. So when I got home I set up my indoor training and went fora 45min easy spin on my bike. I didn’t ‘really feel anything immediately but when I woke up in the morning I felt considerably better.

photo (8)

Wednesday I had some light mix modal aerobic work scheduled to do.

10min @ 80%
10 Lunges
5 T2B
10 HR push ups
5 GHD Sit Ups
– 10 ┬árounds + 28 reps

rest 4mins

10min @ 80%
15 Airdyne Cals
15 KBS 53#
15 Box Jumps Step Down 24″
– 4 rounds + 19 reps

Felt great to move. My upper quads are still very tight. My back is starting to feel a little tweaky. Nothing too serious but I am aware that it is not 100%. But getting blood moving felt fantastic.

The competition left me eager and hungry to get back to training. But the reality is that my body wasn’t ready to start slamming the volume again. Thursday is a scheduled rest day as well. We have the big event this weekend to run so training will be minimal. My hopes is to come back next week feeling 100% and ready for the next big push.