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Misbah Haque is the creator and host of The Airborne Mind Show, a podcast that broadcasts conversations with thought leaders in the fitness industry to thousands of listeners. He applies the qualities of curiosity and depth of connection that he uses in his interviews to his coaching clients as well, blending art and science into a deep relationship that serves to optimize his athletes’ potential.

In 2014, Misbah sustained a back injury that emotionally and mentally sidelined him from his training, as well as daily tasks. He remembers the pain he used to get from simple movements like getting out of the car. He realized that sustainability and longevity meant continuing to be resilient, durable, and steadily improving with a bigger picture in mind. He then went down the rabbit hole of learning about movement, and developed a drive to talk to top coaches, athletes and anyone who was willing to offer a new lens to expand his thinking.

Misbah loves to use his creativity to recognize patterns, link ideas together, and see how aspects of his athletes’ lives are connected. By sparking curiosity in others, Misbah inspires a holistic approach to health, wellness, and fulfillment that optimizes overall performance in life and fosters a sense of trust and connectedness through coaching.


OPEX CCP Journey
USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
Crossfit Adaptive Coach
NESTA Sport Yoga Instructor
Professional Member of International Society of Sports Nutrition
Invictus Coaching Internship
Over 2,500 hrs of coaching experience

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