New Training Cycle

Beginnings are great. Break away from old routines, find joy in creating new rhythms, and allow optimism to fill your being on the journey forward. Today felt like a fresh start. Long testing week behind me, a relaxing and much needed weekend of rest, and now a new day, a new week. Yesterday I opened my email inbox to find my new training program for the next 3-4 weeks. New training days and new training times. Sessions that look unique and fun. I started planning my schedule for the weeks to come. I moved some appointments in my calendar so I could work all my training in at optimal times ans still be able to see all my clients.

Today started off great. Nine and a half hours of sleep. Up and on the Airdyne within the hour.

Training Part 1 – 6:45am

30 min airdyne easy pace
(for these, in middle 10 min sprint last 10 sec of every minute)
1st 10 min easy, last 10 min little harder than 1st
10.48 miles
246 watts
536 cals
*On sprints wattage was up to 900-1000 watts

In between Training I went to the Starbucks to get a coffee. Those punks tried to charge me for Cream. What is the deal? Who do these coffee shops think they are? Starting this week Coyote Coffee opens right next door to the gym. My friend and owner of the new coffee shop is going to serve me cream in my coffee for free. I may have just had my last Starbuck today at the Junction ever. Frustrated with barista’s.

Training Part 2 – 11:45am

A. Squat snatch from high blocks; 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min
195, 205, 215, 225, 235, 245 (miss)
B. 3 position paused snatch high pulls 3, 3, 3; rest 2 min
185, 195, 205 (pulled to nipples)
C. GH raises weighted 5, 5, 5; rest 2 min
25, 35, 35

*Snatching felt pretty good today. Missed 245 and knew I could make it. However, I chose not to reattempt it as that was the goal for today. Hang snatch high pulls felt awkward and I’m weak on them. Felt weak in the post chain and kept rolling onto the balls of my feet which I could feel slightly in my right knee. GH raises are a grind as always but nice to see them in the program.


Training Part 3 – 4:30pm

Deadlift 315#
ring hspu

*Deadlifts were managable. Nothing fast but unbroken. The ring hspu were also fine. Had to take a couple breaks. Went for my last rep and failed. Surprised at how heavy my breathing got in the transitions. Pulling heavy and then getting upside down may have had something to do with it.



6:15 – greens, fiber, fish oil
7:30 – 40/40 carbs/whey
8:45 – 3.5 Eggs, Sweet Potatoe/Mushroom/Onion, Olive Oil
9:15 – decaf coffee w/cream
11:40 – pre-game (15g malto, emergen-c, beta, bcaa, creatine, caffeine)
1:10 – 60/30 carbs/whey
2:30 – small serving white rice, brisket w/ sauce, pulled chicken
6:15 – Shredded Cabbage/Carrot Salad, Balsamic Dressing, Toasted sesame seeds/almonds/sunflower seeds, Grilled flap meat, sweet potatoes