OC Throwdown Day 2 Recap

A good night sleep after a long and grueling day 1. I was headed into day 2 just outside of the top 10. Still goal, only to keep doing as well as I could in each of the events that followed. The only guarantee was that I was going to do the next event the Clean Ladder. After that cuts were going to be made. I was well within the cut off point but stranger things have happened.

Day 1 brings with it a certain level of nervousness that if harnessed can be an asset to you as a competitor. Adrenaline is high and you can use it to your advantage. Day 2 usually doesn’t have that same buzz to it. You show up a little more mellow. At least that has been my experience. You are able to focus on your body a bit more and not have your heart and mind racing around. This also means that you have to get yourself jacked up for each of the events to come. This doesn’t just happen inadvertently like it did on day 1. So my warm up routine and pre workout preparation had to be focused and thoughtful.

Nutrition on day 1 was great. I was fueling immediately after each workout. I went into the final workout on empty and it paid off. I hydrated like crazy. Got plenty of calories in at dinner. Lots of carbs all day and good protein. Fat was low to medium. Started off day 2 with a large coffee and cream and couldn’t finish it. Didn’t feel good. I went straight to coconut water and then started just nibbling on things before the first event. Rise bars were on my list of favorites this weekend.

Comp Workout 4 – 10am

Starting at 245lbs, complete one clean in 20sec. If successful move to the next bar 255lbs and complete a clean. This ladder continues until you successfully clear all barbells up to 375lbs or you fail a repetition. If you fail then within the remaining time you can complete double unders. In the case of a tie the athlete with most double unders will get awarded the higher placing. 

My current PR in the clean is 325#. With my recent lifting in training I felt like it was possible that I could lift 335#. However, given the rapid succession of the lifts in this format I knew that there would be some fatigue from the previous weights lifted and that 335# would be a tall order. Athletes who went before me in this event struggled at weights that are usually doable for them. So my focus was on getting through my 325#. I knew I only had one shot at each lift because 20sec is just not enough time for me to gather myself for a second lift usually. So I stayed focused all the way through the ladder. Funny story… When I got out onto the competition floor I looked down at my jump rope to see that it was literally hanging on by the last little wire thread. It was about to break on me and I hadn’t even started yet. I almost panicked. But I managed to block that out and just get to the cleans and focus paid off.

325lbs + 12 double unders (11th place)

Comp Workout 5 – 1pm

For Time
30 Wall Balls
15 Snatch 135#
30 Wall Balls
12 Snatch 155#
30 Wall Balls
9 Snatch 185#

On paper this one looked like it would be good for me. I’ve done a lot of work with snatch repeats lately and these weights seemed manageable even under fatigue. The plan was to pace the first set of snatches 5/5/5. Then on the set of 12 I wanted to do as many doubles as possible before I went to singles. The last set of 9 was going to be singles. Wall balls were done as quickly as possible without getting the shoulders too fried. Went by feel on those. I was happy with everything. I pushed my pace on the last set of 9 and unfortunately made a mistake and missed a rep. This forced me to rest too long and fall behind about 20secs from where I could have finished. It was a risk that I’m fine having taken because it just taught me how important it is in those instances when fatigue is setting in the shoulders to focus on the catch in my snatch.

9:02 (11th Place)

Comp Workout 6 – 4pm

25 Deadlifts 315
30 Thrusters 115

30 Box Jumps Up and Over 24″
30 KBS 2pood
30 Calorie Row
10 Burpee Bar Muscle Up
50m Overhead Walking Lunge 45#
50m Run
100 Double Unders Heavy Rope
200m Run
10 Burpee Lateral hop over rower
(20min Cap)

The day was coming to a close. I had successfully worked my way into the top 10. At 8th place I was in the final heat of the day, a place I hope to be at Regionals this year. Heavy deadlifts as the opening movement was super tough for me. I fell behind in my heat right out of the gates. My plan was to stay calm about it and use HSPU and Double unders to try to get back in the game later on. The HSPU were a big struggle for me after rep 15. This was very disappointing. I find myself struggling on HSPU and Muscle Ups more than expected when I have general fatigue not local fatigue in those areas. My arms were not especially tired going into the HSPU, I just got fried half way through. The rest of the workout was a grind and I needed a bit more grit to stay with the pack. This is where my mind and body need the most work. My performance on this workout shows improvement for me but I need and want more.

20:50 (9th Place – I missed the time cap by 10 burpees)

So after all was said and done, the workouts did, and the sweat poured, I finished the weekend in 9th place. I’m happy. So much I learned and so much I’ll take away from the experience. I spend amazing time with friends and competitors. We had so many laughs. I got to meet Fabio (true story). And my good friend Lisa won the master women’s division of the competition. What a stud.

I’ll be back next year.