Oct 3, 2012 – A day to show up

Despite your best efforts sometimes life just throws more at you than you can handle. Sometimes you make every attempt to live the lifestyle that will set you up for success, but it just doesn’t pan out. Today feels like that kind of day. A few too many early mornings in a row for me, hard training sessions, and a great deal of emotional energy invested in yesterdays has me waking up just a little tired. My morning HRV score doesn’t reflect any lowered readiness to train, but I can just feel it.

My back is a little tweaked and my knee feels funky after a heavy double in the jerk yesterday. I’m a little achy everywhere and my wrists and elbows feel worked. So what do I do with this? Do I stay home and feel sorry for myself? The honest truth is that if I didn’t have a coach that was telling me what to do and helping guide my training I just might stay home. But I have total trust and faith in the process and I also know that not every day is going to have a winning feeling. Some days you have to just get in the gym and do the work. Put your expectations aside and trust that the training is everything. The results each day don’t matter but the daily effort and commitment to improvement is everything. So I embraced this thought today when I started my morning training session. Things didn’t click the way I know they could on a perfect day. But I kept plugging away.

5:30am – Wake Up
5:30-6:20 – Cook food, prep for the day, drink Large Cups of Decaf Coffee with the creamiest cream of all… Heavy Cream. Drink a shaker bottle full of antioxidants and fibre and slam back some probiotics.
6:30-7:30am – Client Session who just got cleared by physical therapist to start loading his shoulder after surgery a couple months ago. So excited to start some strength training again with him. In fact I was so excited that I almost skipped our 20 minute mobility session. Ha…. don’t skip the work that got you here.

8am – Training Part 1

20min Mobility Session of my Own – Hip flexor and scapular focused

A. Squat clean from high blocks 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 3 min
245, 255, 265, 270, 280 (miss), 280 (miss but closer)
B. Muscle ups; amrap unbroken x3; rest 3 min
11(no false grip), 12, 10
C. Thrusters 135# x10 unbroken; rest 90 seconds x5
Completed – This rest period was perfect. 

Squat Clean from high blocks were a challenge. I’m pretty new to pulling off blocks. Note to self that I need to have someone build me some Jerk/Pulling blocks. Anyone out there know someone in Marin who can do some good wood work for me? Anyhow, when my timing was right and I finished with a big shrug the weight felt way easier. But the bottom line was that I didn’t feel a ton of pop today.  

First set of muscle ups I attempted without a false grip and this is the most I’ve ever gotten in a row like that. My best false grip set is 13+ and I may have been able to break that today had I started that way. 


PWO – 30g Protein/20g Carb Liquid

Breakfast – 10am
– 2 slices bacon
– 3.5 Egg Fritata (chard, onions, tomatoes)
– Apple Honeycrisp (because pink lady apples are not in season yet. once they are there will be no other choice)

12:00pm – Coaching Oly LIfting to a group of 15 – PR’s left and right today. Love it.

2pm – Training with Dan and Ben

For Time
10 Hang Power Cleans 225#
100 KBS 53#
1k Row
– 7:38 (tied with Ben, he may have beat me by a couple meters. Big props to Dan Felling who got his first hang power clean at 225# today. he then proceeded to do this workout in under 12mins. great work buddy)


Felt better than I had hoped on this workout. I didn’t know if I could get 10 HPC in a row and I’m happy I did. Then didn’t know what might happen on 100 kbs today. Did my best to get as deep into the set as possible before breaking. Had hopes of unbroken but it wasn’t there today. Could have gutted the last 10 KBS out without taken a second break but I wanted to be safe and leave something in the grip for the row. Upsetting when I got on the rower the foot plates were out of position and I lost a few seconds in transition. Rowed a 1:46 average for the 1k. 

PWO – 30g Whey/30g Dextrose

Late Lunch – 3pm
-Chicken Salad
-1 Cup Potatoes left over from farmers market yesterday

Work on the computer for a few hours catching up on the week.

5-7pm – Coaching and client meetings

7:30pm – Dinner
– Chili (beef, tomatoes, onions, smokey, sweet)
– 1 Cup Rice
– Cilantro Pesto
– Roasted Cauliflower

Laid down on our new Purple Rug to take in a show before bed. Love me some Anthony Bourdain No Reservations. This was an obsession at one point in my life. I watched and tried to live my life like Mr Bourdain. I went to the far reaches of Asia to seek out his culinary adventure spots. I was successful. These episodes now just bring me back to a happy time in my life and make me appreciate food and culture more every time.