October 18th, 2012 Training

A rough night sleep last night as I seemed to have come down with some kind of cold early this week. The stress of traveling, being out of my own bed for too many nights, not having my normal food, and competing last weekend all conspired against me. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. This was a mild thing I came down with but man does it suck not feeling 100%. First it started with a sore throat that then ended up in my nose and waking up to sneeze and get tissues was no fun. But I feel like I’ve completely shaken it and by tomorrow I’ll be tip top. Two days and I’m through it. Did I workout? Yes. Did I drink a ton of water? Yes. Did I get as much sleep as I could? Yes. Took some extra amino acids, probiotics, and vitamins. Seems to have done the trick. With cold and flu season rolling around you better have a plan for when you start to feel like you are getting hit with something. Might I recommend sleep, water, and probiotics as your solution. Just a thought.

7:30am – Breakfast
– 4.5 Eggs
– Tomatoes, Chard, Sauteed in Olive Oil
– Ketchup
– Grapefruit

7:30-10am – Programming and computer work. So nice to be able to sit around the house in cozy clothes until 10.

11:00 – Training Part 1 

30min Z1 – Oly Lifting Flow Session

Noon – Training Part 2
-Pre WOD – 15g Whey/ 30g Carb/ 5g Creatine/ 5g Beta Alanine

On the minute for 16 min:
Odd- 3 hang power clean 225
Even- 2 muscle ups
*Hang Power Cleans felt heavy today. Must have been from yesterdays heavy hang cleans below the knees but this was tough. Just realized I was supposed to just do 2 muscle ups on the minute. Acutally did 3 and it was very easy. 

On the minute for 16 min:
Odd- 2 power snatch 165#
Even- 2 parallete hspu
*Snatches were much more in my wheelhouse today. Felt sharp. P-HSPU are getting better and feeling very good. Could have done 4 per minute. 

-PWO – 30g Whey/60g Carb


1pm – Lunch
– 2 Burger Patties
– Roasted Cauliflower and Broccoli
– Sweet Potatoes

2:30-6pm – Coaching and Clients
Snack @ 4:30pm
– Chicken Salad 1 Cup
– Apple Sauce

6pm – Training Part 3

Run 10 min z1
Run 1 min @85%
Walk 1 min
Run 10 min z1
*This became a little tedious. The breathing was hard on my final sets. HR was between 130 on rest and 162 on efforts. Legs felt good the entire time. Ran in lane 5 and kept about 2 laps every 3mins of work. Figure I ran over 5K during my 20 sets of work. 

Dinner –
– 1 Burger Patty
– Roasted Sweet Potatoes – crispy
– Roasted Kale