October 19, 2012 Testing

Struggling a bit right now with the change in season. With the slowly shortening days and the sun rising later and later each day it seems like it is harder and harder for me to get my day started the right way. This is always the time of year I need to remember that with the change in season comes a need for a change in daily rhythms and life practices to suit my bodies needs. But when your training program calls for a 5k time trial fasted out of bed your really have no option other than to get up and get after it. So I started my day early today. 6:30 I was at the track and with very little warm up I got after a 5k time trial.

6:30am – Testing

5k Time Trial
– 21:40

I’m no extremely pleased with this performance. As I said it was early and I wasn’t properly warmed up. I only have myself to blame for that but I felt rushed in order to get to my coaching responsibilities at 7:30. After my successful 3k last weekend at the OPTathlon I felt confident that I might be able to pull a sub 20min 5k. But I’ll take this as a place to start and work from since it was my first 5k ever.

I’ve been nursing a bum knee for a couple weeks now. It started as a little irritation that was non specific and would come and go. Then the week leading up to the OPTathlon I felt it on a daily basis and was concerned I would be able to compete at my best. But the injury didn’t hold me back at all and with the stress of travel and the competition behind me I was hopeful that my knee would turn the corner. Unfortunately it hasn’t and this week has aggravated it a bit more. Maybe it held me back on the run today a bit or maybe it was just that I lacked the mental edge. Taking it one day at a time and will start to modify training soon if the direction of the knee doesn’t turn around.

7:30-12pm – Coaching, client consultations, and meeting with a fellow coach to discuss training thoughts.

Noon – Testing

Deadlift 315#
Push Jerk 185#


A little hesitation on the knee with this one but past the first round I never thought about it. All I was thinking about was how heavy that deadlift felt. I had a moment after the workout when I envisioned myself being able to lift 315# at the speed of 225#. It was a glorious thought. The jerks required focus but I had no doubt I could get them unbroken each time I picked up the bar. The deadlifts were just rough. I like the barking I started doing towards the last rounds. Megz said she was a little shocked at how loud things got. All I know is it was uncontrollable barking.

4pm – Purchased a new Dining table for our home. It is lovely. Got a great deal and have to thank Dan and Melissa Kaden for contributing to our new furniture. Thanks!

6pm – Solid TV Time (STT)

Fasted 5K – No water or caffeine
Post Workout – 30g Carb (coconut water)/30g Whye
Breakfast – 8:30
– 4-5 eggs (hot bar at WF)
– Organic Ketchup
– 1 BIG Apple
Post Workout – 60g Carb/30g Whey
Lunch – 3:00pm
– Burger Patty
– Small Chicken Salad bites
– Beet Chips (lots of them – about 80g carbs)
– Ketchup on burger patty
Dinner – 6:00pm
– Beef Chili – The special recipe kind (tomatoes, onions, shallots, serrono, chile de arbol, chili powders, liquid smoke, stevia, grass fed beef 90% lean)
Snack – 8:30pm
-Couple bites of chili
-3 Strips bacon
-6 Strawberries

Off to bed and ready for a great day tomorrow. Golf in the afternoon, training in the AM, and hopefully a great night sleep before it all.