October 24th, Mid Week Testing

If you’ve been reading then you maybe saw that yesterday I tweaked my back a bit on a failed jerk attempt at 325lbs. I gave me a little scare. I slept ok last night and woke up to find that it was still a little sensitive. My attention was certainly on the fact that my back wasn’t feeling 100%. So I took my AM workout with caution and then I had the great fortune of seeing Dr. Doug Kyle today in my noon class. Word got around to him (Megz most likely) that my back was buggin a bit. He offered to dig around and do a little impromptu ART session. Doug has his work cut out with me most often. I’m a complex case that isn’t always an easy to diagnose and fix situation. Sometimes it takes his brilliance (and I mean that) to figure me out. Well today he did something pretty magical. It is great knowing the best and having him around to help. I’m not 100% yet but so much closer to it. Thanks DOUG!

Training – 9AM

A. OHS; 3, 2, 1, 3, 2, 1; rest 2 min
255, 275, 295 , 265, 285, 305 
B. 50 ring HSPU for time

*Overhead today was a little sketchy. I felt great in the OHS but after my scare yesterday with my back I was very hesitant on the jerks today getting the bar overhead. Everything went OK but I’m certainly limited with my OHS because I have a hard time getting more weight up there. Maybe 20-30 more pounds in me if I could just jerk the weight overhead.
* 50 Ring HSPU is not new to me. I honestly can’t remember my old times but I think they are all in the same ballpark. Today I think I cam out to strong. I did a set of 10 to start and probably should have held back and done 5’s as long as I could.



Training – 2PM

For time:
100 wall balls
90 double unders
80 sit ups
70 kbs 1.5 pood
60 ring dips
50 back extensions
40 thrusters 95#
30 burpees
20 power clean 135#
10 shoulder to OH 135#

*This was a tough one. I honestly looked at this workout and was in a good mood before starting. I thought it would be so bad. None of the reps or movements scared me. But the reality was that 100-90-80-70-60-50 was all just a set up for the freight train that was at the end of this workout. 40-30-20-10 is a mental test and gut check. What are you willing to put up with in terms of discomfort for anywhere from 5-9mins. It was really rough. Starting with my first set of Thrusters every breath felt like someone crushing my chest. And then it was “where can I put my arms so it doesn’t hurt anymroe”. And then the reality was that even if you slowed down it didn’t stop hurting so the only way out was to keep moving. The thoughts and mind games are interesting in a situation like that. My hope is the next time I run up against a situation of this magnitude that I rise to the occasion a bit better and start to dig a little deeper. I’m going to try anger next time. See if a little anger helps get me through that final 6 minute a bit better.





8am – Coffee and Cream
9:45am – PWO
– 60g Carb/30g Whey + Bite of Sausage + Sweet Potatoes + Ketchup
11:15am – Snack
– Bites of chicken salad + 1/2 Apple
3pm – PWO
– 80g Carb/40g Whey
5:30pm – Early Dinner
– Chicken Salad + Orange + Pork Sausage
7:45pm – Later Dinner
– Fresh Salad w/ dressing, Couple sweet potato slices, small cup white rice, roasted brocolli, bites of chicken breast