October 25th, Training Thursday

There are so many people that inspire me each day. I’m blessed to see hundreds of clients on a day to day basis. These clients are waking up each day and making the choice to live differently. They are working against societal norms by choosing to eat differently, train differently, and engage in a community approach to health. Today one of those clients who puts in the work towards self improvement every single day got some very positive reinforcement. In eight weeks of a dedicated approach to balanced eating and proper movement he was able to improve his body composition by a considerable about. His mid-section summation scores dropped 32% over the course of the last 8 weeks. It was just a physical reminder of the incredible work he has put in. Thanks for the great boost today.


Woke up feeling sore all over. Biceps, check, triceps, check, quads, check, hammies, check, back, check, anything left? Oh yes, my calves, check.

Training Part 1 – 8:30am
On the minute for 18 min:
Odd- 3 hang power snatch 155
Even- 2 bar muscle ups
On the minute for 18 min:
Odd- 2 power clean 235#
Even- 2 parallete hspu

Started this morning feeling low energy and the weight felt heavy. By the end of the training session I felt much better and the body was moving well. Bar muscle ups were easy and fun for a change. P-HSPU are getting much more comfortable.


Training Part 2 – 1PM
Run 10 min z1
Run 1 min @85%
Walk 1 min
Airdyne 10 min z1

Running today was a challenge for me. My calves are really taking a hit these last two weeks. Running volume bumped up pretty fast. From the 3k at the OPTathlon, 60mins on my feet last thursday, 5K over the weekend, and 60mins on my feet today running, my calves are as tight as ever. I’m taking serious measures to keep them as loose as possible. Rolling, hot tub, stretching.


8am – Coffee black
9:45am – PWO 60g Carb, 30g Whey
10:45am – Breakfast – 4 egg fritata, ketchup, grapefruit
2:15pm – PWO Coconut Water, small portion sweet potato, chicken breast, apple
4:45pm – Chicken Salad, large portion sweet potatoes
6:45pm – Dark Chocoalte 2oz