October 27th, Saturday Testing

Training Part 1 – 6:30AM
Fasted out of bed- Row 60 min for max meters
1:00:00 – 15411m – 1:56.7 avg – 22 s/m
10:00 – 2568m – 1:56.8 – 21 s/m
20:00 – 2560m – 1:57.1 – 22 s/m
30:00 – 2554m – 1:57.4 – 23 s/m
40:00 – 2542m – 1:58.0 – 23 s/m
50:00 – 2540m – 1:58.1 – 23 s/m
60:00 – 2647m – 1:53.2 – 25 s/m
* This is a PR from two months back. Previous best was 15361m and an average pace of 1:57.1. My plan was to start out at my previous average pace and hopefully progress from there with negative splits for the entire 60mins. But my 10mins in I knew things weren’t going to go that way. Today was HARD! Really freaking hard. Maybe because my body is still pretty sore and wrecked form the hard week of training. Or maybe because it was so early in the morning and my body wasn’t as ready as it was last time. Today was a huge mental victory. To push past the 30min mark and stay focused on the goal of beating my old score was a tremendous challenge. With 12mins to go I turned things around and almost shaved an entire second of my average pace. I just can’t emphasize enough how hard this test was today but very proud of my mental effort. Big win there.

Training Part 2 – Noon
For time:
5 Back squat 305#
10 meter hs walk
4 BS
10m hs walk
3 bs
10m hs walk
2 bs
10m hs walk
1 bs
10m hs walk
– 3:57

*This workout went great. I took forever and a day to warm up. I couldn’t stop yawning for about 20 mins. Thought I was going to need to reach into the caffeine box. But I finally got up the energy and focus to start this thing. I used my weightlifting belt for this workout only because my back was a little fried form the 60min ROW and I wanted to be as safe as I could be. Also since I tweaked my back a little bit this week I wanted to be extra careful. May have changed my time slightly but totally worth feeling secure. Happy with my handstand walking under fatigue and heavy breathing. Better than last time.


Getting excited for the 4th Annual TJ’s Games. This is the first major event I was ever a part of at TJ’s Gym and I have amazing memories from every single year. Looking forward to cheering on all of the competitors and seeing some new people crowned fittest at TJ’s.

Breakfast – 8:15am
-4 Egg Fritata, Onions, Swiss Chard

PWO – 12:00pm
-30g Whey/60g Carb

Lunch – 1pm
-Asian Chicken Salad (chicken breast, almonds slivered, scallions, carrots, mayo dressing)

Snack – 3:00pm
-Beat Chips
-More Chicken Salad

Dinner – 6:00pm
– Ate at The Counter
– 2/3lb Turkey Burger
– Salad with greens, grilled onions, mushrooms, coleslaw
– Bacon
– Chipotle Aioli
– Sweet Potato fries split with the fam