October 29th, Monday Training

Today is an unusual day on several counts. First it is the day after the 4th annual TJ’s Games. Yesterday, 140 members at the various TJ’s Gyms competed in a multiple event fitness competition. It was an amazing display of the spirit of our community. It was magical to watch people of all ages and abilities embrace the fun that is competition. It was a long day with waves of emotion. One of the best days of the year.

My training schedule had to get changed. Today is unusual in that it is the first Monday in a long time that I’ve trained. Monday is usually a day to rest and focus in on the work I do at the gym and for my clients. Today I had to do both lots of work and train.

Lastly, today was a little different because it was a day that I had to make some changes to my training due to an mild injury I have to my left calf. Last week I thought my calves were simply sore from running. That they were. However, days later the soreness in my right calf is gone and my left calf has stayed painful. It is more than soreness and I have to accept that it needs rest. I tested it out this morning with a 20min Z1 jog. It didn’t feel great and in hind sight wish I hadn’t done it. I also had to change up a movement in my workout today. Couldn’t do double unders comfortably so I bailed to the airdyne.

Training around injuries is tough and it is difficult to stay committed to the training. I think this is in part due to the undeniable fact that you are not 100%. It lingers in your thoughts even when what you are doing doesn’t hurt. For me I’mĀ consciousĀ of the fact that my calf is hurting throughout my day and it gets to me. There is mental energy wasted thinking about it.

Training Part 1 – 7am Out of Bed

20min Z1 Run

*Calf felt ok at the start and pretty good throughout. Afterwards the pain was up a little bit and it was clear running and jumping had to be out this week.

Training Part 2 – Noon

5 min amrap @85%
10 thrusters 65#
10 chin ups
Airdyne 10 cals
– 4+11 – first set
– 4+10 – second set
Rest 5 min
5 min row @85%
– 1425m (1:45.2) – first set
– 1407m (1:46.6) – second set
Rest 5 min
5 min amrap @85%
30 double unders (subbed 10 cals Airdyne as calf is hurting)
10 burpees (no jump)
10 kbs 1.5 pood
– 3+14 – first set
– 3+9 – second set
Rest 10 min
x2 Sets



Breakfast – 8:20am
– 3 Eggs (chard + herbs)
– 1 Apple
– Ketchup
– Coffee with Cream

PWO – 40g Whey/ 80g Carb

Lunch – 2:30pm @ Shoreline Coffee Shop
– Junction salad (lettuce, tomato, bacon strips, carrots)
– Grass Fed Burger Patty
– Coconut Water

Snack – Whey Shake (40g)

Dinner – 6:30pm
– Slow Cooker Chicken Curry (Megz made another great one…. such good sauce)
– Roasted beets and Sweet potatoes

Days end. About to head off to sleep and give my calf a much needed rest.