October 30th, Training

TIP OF THE DAY: Coaching my outdoor class today I was surprised to have two husband and wife couples join class. This is a very unusual occurrence  Due to the wild and crazy weather on the east coast these two gents had an unexpected day off. Anyway, my noticing today was how special it is to have someone close to you in your life that shares a passion for heath and fitness. To see these couples sweat together and push each other in a fun and healthy way was great. In fact I watched two of them go head to head and both last 3 minutes and 30 seconds in a prone plank position. Think that is easy? Then try it. Without each other there I don’ think either one of them would have made it. I haven’t always had someone that close to me who shares my passion for health and wellness. I’m lucky to have people like that in my life now. Periods of my life that were filled with sickness, poor fitness, and suboptimal well being were always times when I didn’t have someone to share in the pursuit of healthy living. It may not be your spouse, it may not being your significant other, but I encourage everyone to find a person or a group that they can navigate the road to a healthy and active life with. It will help keep you on that path for life. You don’t need to do it alone.

Training Part 1 – 8:15 AM
Row 30 min z1 continuous (subbed Airdyne. this bothered the calf)
141 bpm
241 watts avg
521 cals

 Training Part 2 – Noon

A1. 3 position paused squat clean; 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min
205, 215, 225, 245, 255, 265
A2. Push press 5, 5, 4, 4, 3, 3; rest 2 min
225, 225, 230(3), 230(4), 230, 230
B. 45 muscle ups for time
– 6:53

*With my calf feeling a bit on edge right now I was worried I might not have it in me to perform these cleans today. I was fortunately able to complete the training session without too many issues. However, I did feel a bit less stable in my squat today and you may be able to see from the video I was avoided really deep positions in my light cleans to keep pressure off the calf. Fortunately I have quite a bit of time this afternoon and evening to put my leg up and rest.



Training Part 3 – 2pm

60 min z1/flow/mobility

*Worked lots of handstands, played with bar muscle ups, did about 100 ghd sit ups in sets of 10-15 throughout the hour. Tried a new drill on the wall. Hold a handstand and pretend your legs are windshield wipers and try to wipe them as far left and right. Lots of good balance and core control. 


Breakfast – 6:15am
-4 Eggs, Ketchup, Apple

PWO – 8:45am
-30g Whey, 60g Carb

PWO – 2:15pm
-30g Whey, 60g Carb

Lunch – 3:30pm
-Chicken and Potatoes

Dinner – 5:30pm
-Chicken, Sweet Potatoe (small portion), Roasted Carrots