October 6th, 2012

Yesterday was a rough day for me. Slowly chipping away at my sleep all week finally caught up to me. I was just not myself and my 4 hours of early morning work were the only hours I was able to stay focused for. I came home around noon and completely crashed. A nap ensued for about 2 hours after a healthy dose of food. After waking up around 3:30 I managed to spend the rest of the evening on my computer. During my computer marathon I came across some old training videos of mine. I was struck by one video in particular that showed me overjoyed when I reached a new milestone in weightlifting. I started to reflect on my training and had a hard time remembering when I was that excited about something I did in the gym. Forget just being excited, I looked like I was having a really fun time. It made me really want to reconnect with the joy of fitness and working out. Yes, I call it training, but the reality is that it is just exercise and pretty damn fun stuff at that. I mean what I do everyday beats getting on an elliptical machine and cranking for 30mins. It is too easy to get caught up in the expectations of performance and improvements. It is easy to forget just how much fun this stuff is. I don’t want to forget.

The video that got me inspired last night. Thanks TJ


5:30am – Wake Up and HRV back to normal
6:30-10:30 – Coaching Class and Clients
*Breakfast – 7:30
-4 Egg Fritata (Zucchini + Butternut Squash) cooked in Butter

11:00am – Training Part 1

Row 1k @ 95%
– 3:02.7


PWO – 34g Carb/24g Protein

1:30pm – Trianing Part 2

3 Rounds for time
7 Power Snatch 155#
7 Parallete HSPU
14 Pistols
– 6:26


PWO – 34g Carb/24g Protein

Lunch – 2:45pm
– Roasted Plantains (sweet and delicious)
– Turkey Breast
– Collard Greens sauteed in oil and onions

Dinner – 5pm
– Grilled Flat Meet (beef)
– Pork Sausages
– Beets roasted
– Cilantro Pesto
– Strawberries

Evening was filled with packing for MEXICO! Excited to be united with my family on a vacation down south of the border. Plan is to relax, take in some sun, do some training in prep for next weekends Competition, and help my cousin celebrate his wedding. More to report from there. Tomorrow AM flight means early morning training in the dark. Off to bed.