October 7th, 2012

Early AM Training Session – 6:15am

Pre WOD – Double Espresso

8min AMRAP @ 85%

10 Thrusters 95#
10 T2B
10 Burpees
30 Double Unders
– 4 Rounds + 26reps

rest 5mins

Run 30sec @ 85%
Run 30sec @ 50%


Felt great this morning. I was pleasantly surprised with how well things went given the early morning nature of the training session and the fact that I had about a hundred other things that could have distracted me. See I needed to get this training session done early so I could get myself to the airport for a flight. Breathing felt controlled on the AMRAP and my pace seemed to hold steady the whole time. If I was pushing for a personal best on that workout I probably would have performed the first 6mins the same exact way and then kicked the last 2mins into a higher gear. I felt like I had that in me, especially on the burpees if I needed them. The running after felt great and my 50% pace was up from last week. I was able to push hard and challenge my breathing on the 85% efforts. Legs felt fine.

PWO – 50g Carb/36g Protein Liquid

On the way to the airport I stopped and grabbed a Large Decaf Coffee at the Starbucks and asked for an inch of heavy cream. Something about having someone else make coffee for you really adds to the joy of the beverage. Good thing I got this on the way because the United International Terminal at SFO has got pretty awful choices.

Breakfast Before Flight 9:15am- Cooked and packed up tupperware last night before bed so I would have a meal when I got to the airport. Come on folks, this is a simple solution to the excuse that I couldn’t eat well because I was in an airport.
– 4 Egg Fritata (zucchini, heirloom tomatoes)
– Half a sweet potato

Lunch just before landing 2:00pm – packed this last night too
– Skirt steak and sausage
– Strawberries
– Rest of Sweet Potato

Dinner 6pm – Finally at the resort and the food situation is not great.
– Tough steak with a gravy sauce that I’m praying didn’t have any flour in it, but it has been about 45mins since I took my first bite and i would know if it was tainted I think
– Steamed veggies and a salad of iceberg lettuce, vinegar, and jicama
– 2.5 Small backed potatoes

Had a moment to flip through my passport this morning and got a chance to relive some of the greatest journeys of my life.

Hong Kong – 3 Day stop over on route to a 3 month journey through Southeast Asia. The most magical trip of my life. I stayed for 3 nights at the top of a large and very shady building in a room with no windows. Not exactly the best way to get over jet lag. Zero sun exposure had me waking up a the most crazy and random times. Food was amazing and ventured into some places that may have never seen a tourist before.
Costa Rica – 7 Day preseason training camp with the University fo California Berkeley Soccer Team. Huge regrets about this trip because I don’t remember anything about this special country. All I can recall is sitting in hotels and playing soccer against locals.
Bangkok – First time to Southeast asia. Flew in overnight from Sydney Australia and found myself of Koh San Road at 3am. If you’ve been you know how crazy that place is. Welcome to Asia.
Kingdom of Cambodia – 15 hour mini bus ride into Cambodia from Bangkok. One flat tire, the bumpiest road you’ve ever been on, 15 people in a 12 person van, and totally out of my mind hungry. Welcome to the city of Angkor. In these 5 days I truly felt off the grid for the first time in my life. Malaria meds also kicked in some side effects during my stay and I thought I was going a little crazy. Had a fog over my head at the same time every day and thought I may have poisoned myself with the rice whisky that had the scorpions in it.
Australia – First time on a trip all by myself in a foreign country. Being all alone thousands of miles from friends, family, and home is a sobering experience. It was also the most liberated I’d ever felt.
Singapore – Two trips here in my life. If I was to move to another city in the world it would be here. The food is second to none I would argue. The city is cleaner than any other around. The weather is pretty much ideal for most months of the year as long as you like hot and sometimes humid. And if you want to travel the proximity to some of the most amazing things in the Asia world are so clse.
Malaysia – Honestly a necessary stop on the way from Singapore to Thailand if you travel by land.
Republic of Vietnam – Great food, incredible history, amazing friends I made here, and a special heart connection for me.
India – I have a 10 year visa in my passport to go to India. Problem is that I still have yet to go. Planned to get there and never did. No regrets on this one.
Laos – Amazing people. So nice and bright smiles. Perhaps some of the most beautiful country side I’ve ever seen and the ease of traveling here is remarkable. Still relatively untouched by tourism when I was there so it felt real and authentic.
Thailand Again – Any trip to southeast asia warrants a stop in Thailand. While it is basically overrun with tourism and there are few places untouched these days it is still gorgeous. The beaches are still special, the limestone is┬ámajestic, and the street food is seriously awesome. Plan for at least 2 total pig out sessions in Bangkok as the street food is everywhere, quick, and delicious.
Indonesia – A fabulous blend of culture, religion, spirituality, cuisine, beauty, and love. I will always hold this as one of the most special months of my life. Lots of inner reflection and outward expression of joy.
Madrid Spain – Three weeks to blow off some steam after year 1 of medical school. Eat amazing food all along the norther coast in Basque country. Risk my life and run with the Bulls in Pamplona for San Fermin. It is still the most scared I’ve even been in my life. Adrenaline rush doesn’t quite explain the magnitude of juice I had running through my veins. Crazy. I probably could have snatched 300lbs in that moment if it would have guaranteed me safety from the bulls.
Italy – Last full week in my life that I completely gave up on eating healthy and exercising. I seriously let loose. Felt awful by the end of it but was so happy to let down the guard. The daily mantra was P.P.P.G. (Pizza, Panini, Pasta, Gelato). Best pizza I’ve ever had in my life in Naples. Got an amazing look at Rome from my cousin the best tour guide ever.

Are my travels over. Certainly not. But the craving to adventure out in the world has lessened since I’ve graduated college. The desire ti settle and into life and build a home and community has taken the place of that adventure seeking part of me. But it is sure exciting every once in a while to travel to a new place and in this case getting to go to Mexico for a few days is a delight.