Pain Day – Testing Day 2

7:30am just had to come. When a big day approaches and you have a little anxiety about it, there is just no way to avoid the inevitable. That alarm is going to go off and you will have to get up and face that day. Today was going to be my first day testing with the whole team. The cast of characters down here is intense. Let me fill you in on some but not all the players. Forgive me if you are being left off the list.

Danny – Old training partner and best friend. Needs to work on his strength if he ever wants to be taken seriously in this game. I’m sleeping on his couch this week.
Colin – Veteran of CrossFit Competition. I think he can jump like 5 feet. Crazy hops this guy.
Moses – Pretty loud and rambunctious kind of guy. Always good for a joke or two. Sleeps on the futon behind the couch.
Mike – Brandi’s boyfriend. He is just tagging along with her I think. He may have just started CrossFit recently.
Brandi – Tough gal who rows faster than Colin. Boss of Mike.
Megan – She can let out a warrior cry like none other. Just have her ride the Airdyne for 10mins all out and then cut the music and wait for it.
Matt – Cool story about Matt. I think he sweat about 6L of water during the 10min AD session. Way to be the first person to ride the bike today and make it a wet fest for all followers.

Anyway, joking aside there is some serious talent around here and every single “testing” session means full effort.

Testing Day 2 – Part 1 – 10am

10mins – Build to a 5RM in the Power Snatch (tough and go)


rest 2mins

For Time
30 KBS 70#
30 Burpees
30 Chest 2 Bar Pull UPs
30 Box Jumps 24″
30 KBS 70#

*This hurt so badly. This was pain session number one today. I shot out like a cannon on this workout and when I picked up the kettlebell for the second time I was torched. I flopped my way through the last 30 reps as you will see. Seriously felt bad for the next 2 hours. On the way back to the gym in the afternoon I still wasn’t right.


Came back to the house to make a giant Tortialla/Frittata. Lessons were learned and I think Mo and Danny have a new breakfast special. Here is the recipe.

4 Purple Potatoes (small/medium sized) – microwave for 4 mins to soften
1.5 Medium Yellow Onions – sliced thin
12 Eggs – whisked
1 Large Handful Arugula
Italian Seasoning
Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper

Bring a pan to medium/high heat. Pour a generous amount of olive oil in the pan. Onions in with 1 Tbsp Italian seasoning. Sautee until soft with some slight color. Meanwhile dice up the soft potatoes and add them to the pan when the onions have their color. Then drop  the arugula on top and let it wilt down and stir it all in. Eggs next and again mix fast and furious with the wooden spoon. Let cook until the bottom gets golden brown. Now for the trecherous flip. Using a large plate you can slide the tortilla onto the plate then flip using the plate back onto the pan. Once the top gets a similar golden brown color you are done. Serve with hot sauce or ketchup. BOOM!!!

Testing Day 2 – Part 2 2:00pm

10mins – Max Calories Airdyne (aka 300fy)

*Do I even need to explain the pain involved in this? I’ve never seen anything higher than 230 in my previous attempts at this. It got really spicy at the 6min mark and I just kept telling myself 1 more minute, 1 more minute. With 2mins left I actually thought I might just stop. But that didn’t happen and the legs and arms kept moving but the brain was totally off. This was way more pain than the morning workout. There isn’t anywhere to hide on that bike. You just have to keep going. WOW! I still have a headache and it is 4 hours later. Rough stuff.

Ribs in the slow cooker, headed out to buy Danny and Mo a cast iron pan to do some real cooking, and then going to get together with the gang to consume some food.

Day Done – BAM!