Persist: Minimalist

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When pushup challenges get old…


Uncertainty is the word of the day – and if you’re feeling it, you’re not alone. As COVID-19 advances around the globe, most of us are finding ourselves ripped from our normal routines and rhythms, and the communities that support us. The gym is not just a place to build biceps and butts. Connecting to movement, strengthening our bodies, developing mental fortitude, and releasing stress are vital to our health and longevity.

Without the people and familiar routines you’ve relied on in the past to keep you grounded and cheer you on, keeping a fitness routine is tough. Instagram is full of push-up challenges, living room burpees, and gyms trying to keep their collective families intact. Any way you can find to keep moving is worth doing, but figuring out how to train at home with everything else going on takes energy and motivation that you probably need for other things.

As a coach with decades experience working with clients in a huge range of equipment situations and stations in life, I’ve seen firsthand that even with minimal equipment or none at all, you can still make progress on your strength, conditioning, and skills. Functional Bodybuilding is a system of training that builds control and strength week by week, keeping you on a forward path and connecting you to the feeling of making progress.


Center yourself and take daily action with thoughtful programming that balances movement patterns across your entire body, mixes challenging workouts that allow you to push with mindful recovery, and supports the Look Good Move Well lifestyle. Nurture your nourishment, sleep, and stress reduction too with Sunday recovery “work-ins.”

Persist: Minimalist is a 5-day/week training program with 2 additional recovery days, giving you a new focus every morning you wake up. Try it for four weeks absolutely free on our workout delivery platform, which gets you access to:

  • Demo videos
  • Training notes and behind-the-design coaching insights
  • Athlete support for questions
  • Places to record your workout history
  • And more!

Monthly subscription: 4 WEEKS FREE; $39 USD for individuals thereafter; pause or cancel any time. Gyms who are using this for groups, please sign up for the group license instead. ($79/mo, 4 week free trial)

Bundle Deal: Join now for a full year, and save $119 off the subscription price PLUS get the Gut Check Challenge ($99 value) for free. Simplify eating, nourish your body, and build healthy nutritional habits for life (any diet).

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Join Monthly Subscription

4 weeks free, $39/mo USD thereafter

1 Year Bundle

$567 $349 USD, including Gut Check Challenge

Minimal Equipment List

Prices may fluctuate but will give you a ballpark. Bodyweight only movements are also included in the program.

Mini Band set – $11

Jump stretch band #1 (light) – $13

Pull up bar – $29

Sliders – $9

Glute Loop – $11

Wood Plyo box, 3 heights in 1 – $45

Stability Ball – $20

Jump Rope – our favorite is the RPM Session which you can get for $55 and up (use code FILLY10 for a discount!). If this is out of your price range try this one (let us know if you like it).

Dumbbells – Amazon Basics start at $37 for a 35#. You can also get coated hex from CAP Barbell for a little more. You will need two of moderate weight for you for our upcoming free program.

Kettlebell – powder coat starts at $47 for a 35# or check out Kettlebell Kings for a great selection and free shipping! Choose a single KB of moderate weight for you for our program.