2. Plate Front Loaded Lateral Box Step Down


2. Plate Front Loaded Lateral Box Step Down

This exercise is performed by standing on top of a box at the very edge so that your non-working leg is hanging off the side. Additionally, the athlete will hold a weight plate in front of the body. As the athlete begins to lower the non working heel to the ground, they should extend the weight in front of their body to counter balance their weight shifting back towards their heel and down. In the same fashion as the Bodyweight Lateral Box Step Down, this lowering is achieved by flexing the hip and knee of their standing leg simultaneously. The athlete will lightly tap their heel to the floor and then stand back to the top.

Pairs Well With

Quadruped Plank Shoulder Taps – anterior core exercise with alternating 3 points of contact for rotational activation and shoulder activation.

Banded Face Pulls – Upper back and rotator cuff activation

General Notes and Progressions

  1. Loading up with a plate is a logical step once establishing great control with bodyweight only.
  2. Once this is movement can be performed successfully at 20X1 x 6 reps/leg with a 15-25lbs weight plate then it is likely that the athlete can progress from here.
  3. The box height to perform these at is ideally 4” below the middle of the knee cap.
  4. You can experiment with different loading patterns in this movement too.

Common Mistakes

  1. Loading too heavy too quickly. Remember we are still using this movement predominantly as a warm up and prehab exercise so heavy loading is not necessary.
  2. Working on too high a box such that the athlete cannot control through the full range of motion to the floor.

Tempo Suggestion

  1. 30X1 x 6-8 reps/leg
  2. 20X1 x 4-6 reps/leg

Movement Consideration

  1. Prehab/Warm Up
  2. Beginner Strengthening and Motor Control