Tri-Tip Potatoes & Cabbage

Ingredients (Large and ⅓ Smaller Size)

  • 4.7-14oz Grass Fed Tri-Tip Steak
  • 133-400grams Purple Potatoes
  • .33-1tbsp Grass Fed Butter
  • 66-200grams Green Cabbage
  • .33-1tbsp Bacon Fat
  • Homemade Steak Sauce (.33-1 Serving)



  • Season the Tri-Tip with Salt and Pepper and cook in an oven or over the grill to an internal temperature of 130-135 Degrees fahrenheit (medium rare)
  • Grate your purple potatoes on a box grater. Using a dish towel or cheese cloth, wring out as much water from the potatoes as possible.
  • Over medium high heat, place grass fed butter in a pan and pour in potatoes. Stir with some salt and pepper before creating a flat layer of potatoes on the pan. For crispy potatoes place a smaller saucepan on top of the potatoes as a weight to increase surface contact on the underside of the potatoes. Flip after about 5mins and repeat.
  • In another saucepan over medium heat, add bacon fat and cabbage with a pinch of salt and suaté the cabbage until it is soft and has some brown color to it.
  • Plate the potatoes first, add the cabbage on top, and spread out sliced pieces of Tri-Tip over the cabbage.
  • Drizzle the steak sauce over the whole dish and enjoy!


Small portion

large portion


November 28, 2020


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