Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 1/3

Awaken Training Series will be open for registration as soon as 2018 hits (from Jan. 1-7; programs begin Jan. 8), and we’re so excited to share the program with a new round of participants in a brand new year.

To get ready to hit 2018 with full confidence, we invite you to participate in a small 3-part challenge to lay the foundation for your next year of training, because Awaken Training Series is designed to renew your connection between body and mind.

Challenge One: Beyond Goals

Set aside a few minutes of quiet time to reflect on what you would like to experience in your training this next year. When we talk about fitness goals, often people have a number in mind for their lifts, or a score, or a placement in competition.

The challenge here is to go further. What would accomplishing those things allow you feel you can be, or do, or have? What do they really mean to you besides being an arbitrary number?

Or maybe what you would like to experience this year is a different feeling in your training, such as being nurtured and supported by what you do with your body instead of being broken down.

Write down a few notes to look back on in the future.

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