Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 2/3

Our 3-part challenge to lay the foundation for your best year of training ever continues. (Part One is here if you missed it.)

Challenge Two: Finding Balance in Body and Mind

When you live an active life and dedicate yourself to training, it can be easy to overlook areas of imbalance, both physically and mentally. We don’t poke at these to make ourselves feel bad; instead, we are excited to find a new area to develop and become our best selves.

Challenge: 8 Rep Max Single-Arm Dumbbell Z-Press 

After warming up, grab some dumbbells and build to an 8 rep max on each arm. This position will challenge you to to maintain a good active position in your core as you sit up straight, as well as test your hamstring, hip, and thoracic mobility. Notice not just any differences in the weight you are able to do each side, but how it feels throughout your entire body. Where do you notice areas of imbalance? What can you can improve?

While you’re at it, consider the idea of balance in your training as a whole. Are you balancing work with rest and recovery? Does your training allow you to meet the rest of your day with energy and vitality? If not, what needs to change?