Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 3/3

Challenge Three: Pace Yourself to Finish Strong

One way Awaken Training Series is different from other programs is its emphasis on filling in the missing pieces in your training. Whether that’s an improvement in your positioning, your warmup, or what happens in between “start workout” and “finish panting on the ground.”

Many athletes can put the pedal to the floor, but will that sustain your training through 40 minutes or more? Will it sustain your body all the way through 2018, instead of peaking for the Open in February and burning out by May?

Challenge: Try this conditioning piece from Awaken Training Series and notice what happens in the in-between.

5 Rounds – Increase Effort Each Set:
10 Hang Power Cleans (unbroken reps – choose an appropriate weight)
rest 15sec
30sec Hollow Rocks
rest 15sec
8 Seated Box Jumps Step Down (build height with each set)
rest 15sec
Row 300m/250m (increase the pace of your row each set)
rest 90sec

*record your exact row times to ensure you are increasing your pace

We hope you enjoyed this challenge, and if you’re ready to take the next step check the Awaken Training Series page for the next registration window.

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