Prepare to Awaken! Challenge

In honor of our fourth round of Awaken Training Series, which coincided with the new year, we put together this mini challenge series to prepare you to awaken your relationship with your training intentionally for the year ahead. Take the challenge any time you need to redirect yourself towards your purpose!

  • Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 1/3

    Awaken Training Series will be open for registration as soon as 2018 hits (from Jan. 1-7; programs begin Jan. 8), and we’re so excited to share the program with a new round of participants in a brand new year. To get ready to hit 2018......

  • Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 2/3

    Our 3-part challenge to lay the foundation for your best year of training ever continues. (Part One is here if you missed it.) Challenge Two: Finding Balance in Body and Mind When you live an active life and dedicate yourself to training, it can be......

  • Prepare to Awaken! Challenge 3/3

    Conclusion of our three-part challenge...

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