PR’s, Long Walks, and an HRV above 85… FINALLY!

The week started out rough. Not gonna lie. But we had a serious turn around. Lower volume this week but I still hit some great workouts. I faced off with perhaps my second most hated and feared workout, the 60min Row for Max Meters, pushed hard through a 10min Open Style AMRAP, and retested a workout from last years Open, again!

All in all I’m grateful for the support team I have around me. Lots of love and gratitude for my Meggerz for sticking in there with me through my various bouts of whining. To my training crew who continue to bring the energy every day at the gym (Dan, Lisa, Teesh, Toni, Megz, Brit). Excited for the foundation built up underneath me that is keeping me feeling strong through this stuff. Ready to lay more concrete to this base and build.

Monday – Noon

40min Z1 AD

Monday – 3pm

Run 60 seconsd @85%
walk 30 seconds

*felt pretty good, calfs always get super tight when I run. not sure what is going on with my mechanics or my mobility

Tuesday – 8am

Row 60 min for max meters – 
8:00am – with triple espresso, water, orange
1:00:00 – 15481m – 1:56.3 avg – 26 s/m (PR)
10:00 – 2534m – 1:58.3 – 24 s/m
20:00 – 2537m – 1:58.2 – 25 s/m
30:00 – 2544m – 1:57.9 – 25 s/m
40:00 – 2552m – 1:57.9 – 26 s/m
50:00 – 2597m – 1:55.5 – 29 s/m
60:00 – 2719m – 1:50.3 – 32 s/m
*Had 15,500 in sight. was so close. longer warm up next time so I can start 1:58 or better in first 30mins. Also next time will pick up stroke rate at 20mins. Pretty good finish.

Wednesday – 10am

A. Hang power clean; build to a tough double
285 – wide feet but didn’t feel too hard, shut it off because form, backed off to 245 and it felt great

B. 100 hand release push ups for time
3:34 (questionable reps, my hips always left the ground with my chest but the hips would sag a bit at the top)
10 min amrap:
15 power clean 95#
15 calories airdyne
7 rounds even
*Really happy with my pace and condition on this workout. Unbroken cleans and good push on the AD. Pretty much got right into the high breathing pace about 2mins into wod and stuck it out. 


Thursday – Rest and Recovery

60min Hike – Tennessee Valley 

Friday – AM

Row 5k Easy pace
2:10-2:20 (got up at 2500m for a quick stretch)

Friday – Noon

A. Deficit snatch pulls; 2, 2, 2, 1, 1, 1; rest 2 min (2.5″ platform)
275, 275, 285, 295, 305, 315

12 min amrap:
150 wall balls
90 double unders
30 muscle ups
(open workout 12.4)
280 reps (1 Round + 10 Wall Balls)
*This is a 2 rep PR from 2 months ago. I’ll take it. Haven’t been squatting much lately due to a nagging knee thing and this felt pretty good. 2 months ago I was frustrated that I went to single on the muscle ups. This time around I didn’t 15 sets of 2. Didn’t really change the outcome that much but I felt a heck of a lot better. Nice to play with a different strategy.