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Squat Valley High Camp

Squat Valley High Camp – Vacation Time

From Jessica
“Hi Marcus!! Regarding your recent blog….did have some questions for you: how long have you been crossfitting? what was your athletic background prior CF? Do you follow strict Paleo? Do you typically split your workout into a WOD/strength split like noted on your blog? Thanks for the info!!”
MF – Hey Jessica,
I got introduced to CrossFit in 2007, but don’t consider that when i first started CrossFitting. In 2009 I started training and competing at TJ’s Gym and that was my first official year of CrossFit training. Prior to CF I was a collegiate level soccer player. I played goalkeeper for the University of California Berkeley. I also had about 6 years of strength and conditioning under my belt. I did weight training and aerobic based fitness ever since high school.
As far as my nutrition goes you can go back and look at my archives of nutrition logs on some of my earliest blog posts. To sum things up for you, I try to stick with Meat, Eggs, Veggies, Fruit, and Gluten Free Starches. I am liberal with all forms of potatoes and rice in various forms (white, rice bread). I stay away from gluten containing grains, and pretty much all other forms of grains. The items I have daily that wouldn’t be considered “Paleo” would be the rice products I eat as well as the whey protein products I have in and around my training. I arrived at this type of eating after a lot of experimenting. I used to be very strict Paleo and found that as my training volume went up I had more success when adding in dense carbohydrates like rice and potatoes. I still try to use my digestion, energy levels during training, and performance as my indicators of how my nutrition is doing. Keep in mind that I’m eating for performance and there are some aspects of my nutrition I may alter and tweak if my goals were different.
As far as my training split goes, I have made the room in my schedule to train 2-3x/day, most days of the week. Each of my training sessions doesn’t necessarily take 2+ hours. Most of them are 1hr sessions or less. With this amount of flexibility to break up training I’m able to compartmentalize energy system work into separate training sessions. Aerobic work in the AM, Strength work at Noon, Mixed work in the PM. When I’m into a good training block these split sessions allow me to focus on the task at hand, then refuel with food, and come back to hit other pieces later.
Hope that all helps. Thanks for your questions Jessica!
From Juan
Your blog is a great resource for myself to continue on my journey of fitness. I was looking for some advice though. I have noticed that so many of the videos that you post you are training alone. I find myself doing the same since there are not any “boxes” within reasonable distance and just having graduated college with loans for days makes it even tougher! My question is, how do you keep your head in the game? What does it take to stay on track? Any rituals, self talk or other methods you call on to keep your focus?
Thanks for everything you do on here man. I would really appreciate it if you answered this. Thanks!”MF – Dear Juan,Good observation. Last year training for Regionals I did a lot of training sessions alone. This was an important part of my growth as an athlete. My training changed a lot from the 2012 season to the 2013 season. My coach was asking new things of me and I was having to challenge my body in new ways. Being alone for lots of training hours was an important step. It forced me to look inside myself to navigate the challenges in front of me.These days I tend to seek out training partners or environments that feel energetic and supportive to my training. Less and less you will find me doing the solo thing. It is a new phase of my training and growth. I’m trying to put myself around others, expose myself to different environments and training partners, and surround myself with energy that may take my performance to levels that I otherwise would be scared to go.But your question is a good one. How do you stay focused and motivated when you are doing the solo training thing? First off, having a structured plan is essential. In my case I had a coach that I answered to. He gives me programs and I have to complete them. I’m task oriented so completing the assigned training plan is always one goal. If you can’t find a coach then create a plan for yourself that is more than just a day to day freestyle. Secondly, I always had the camera on. I was filming my training with the intention of putting it all on the internet for people to see. Those video sessions held me accountable.The final thought that goes through my mind during these types of sessions is one that has helped me and I’m sure can help you. I try to remember that with the perfect training scenario just about anyone can have success. If you have training partners, nice equipment, the perfect schedule, the right temperature in the gym, you along with everyone else will have success. But it is the folks that train hard, find the strength to push through, when the situation isn’t perfect, when you don’t have the right training environment, that are true champions. I remember reading stories my coach wrote about his early days of training CrossFit. He would wake up at like 3am to go into the gym to turn the heat on so that at 4am when he went to train, by himself, he wouldn’t freeze to death. He did that for years and he was a champion. Just him and a video camera. He posted every day to crossfit.com what his results were, even though by days end they weren’t always the best. Honesty, Commitment, and Persistence, and he found his way to the top of the podium.

Thanks for your question Juan. Train hard and stay focused. It is a long journey.

AM 19th
AD 1 min @ easy pace
Row 1 min @ easy pace
TGU x 2-3/side – 1pd – approx 1 min
VC 1 min @ easy pace
Wall Walk x 4
Jump Rope 1 min easy x 6
*added in skierg also (like playing with that new tool)
PM 19th
A. Good Morning – 3 sets of 3 – floss it and get used to it
145, 155, 155
B. Clean Grip Dead Lift @ 32X1; 3 sets of 3; rest as needed – only last set somewhat tough
305, 335, 365
C. High Hang HPS – 1 emom – tough weight – 10 min
for time:
15 pHSPU (unbkn)
Row 500 m (1:46.7)
12 pHSPU (8/2/1/1)
Row 500 m (1:47.3)
9 pHSPU (4/1/1/1/1/1)
Row 500 m (1:49.7)
6 pHSPU (4/1/1)
– 10:45
AM 20th
10 sets:
25 DU’s AFAP
Row 250 m @ 90%
rest walk 1 min b/t sets
(1:33 average)
PM 20th
A. FS @ 41×1; 5,5,5,5,5; rest 3 min – only last 2 sets tough-ish
last 3 sets finally felt good on the knee, 155, 175, 195, 215, 235
B. emom – 14 min
Odd – S Clean TnG – 155# x 5
Even – MU x 4 unbroken
-complete, squat cleans felt great on the knee
C. 4-7 tough TGU per arm; rest 1 min x 3 sets
28kg, 32kg, 40kg (4 each set)

AM 21st
AD 45 min @ Z1
(get off every few min to do 10 DU’s, 10 sec FLR and 10 sit ups)
– good sweat
PM 21st
30 reps for time:
tire flip – jump in and out – 300#

rest as needed
for time:
20 reps – 155# S2O (ubkn)
20 bar MU’s (14/6)
20 man makers – 35#/h
Row 20 cals

23rd AM
A. PC – 1.1 emom – 74% – 10 min
B. Push Press from rack – build to a tough single in 6 min after A ends
255#, just missed 265#
C. emom – 1 rope climb + 3 pHSPU – 8 min
complete, 12″ deficit on pHSPU and rope climb 18′, tough
A. BS @ 30X2; 8,8,8,8; rest 5 min
275, 285, 295, 305

for time:
20 man makers – 35#/h (pretty fast and smooth)
10 bar muscle ups (unbkn)
15 OHS – 175# (10/5 – tough)
30 KBS – 88# (did 35 reps by accident – got mentally weak when i started fatiguing at my back)
9:26 (OUCH)
A. PC gauntlet – starts at 205# – adds 20# every 90 sec
3 burpee ring muscle up buy in per 90 sec
285, missed 305 (just wasn’t there)
rest as needed after max
3 rds for time:
10 R KB Snatch  – 2pd
10 L KB Snatch – 2pd
50 DU’s
3:56, dan at 4:21

rest as needed
for time:
AD 1 mile
30 DB Snatch – 100# – 15/arm alt’ing
AD 1 mile
30 CJ – 135#
AD 1 mile
14:46, dan at 14:41