Recovery Day – October 1st

Recovery Day Nutrition – With less of a focus on timing of meals since there were no intensive training sessions I really try to just follow a plan of eat when my body says it wants to. That doesn’t mean that I don’t leave the house prepared. In fact I make sure to bring with me lots of good food and maybe more than I might need. Because I’m not doing multiple training sessions I can usually get away with only having 3 solid meals and snacks are less necessary. Here is what a non-training day looks like for me. I’ll use 10/1/12 as my example.

Breakfast – 7:15am – Before Client
– 3 Egg Fritata (onions, charge, thyme)
– 3 Slices Bacon
– 1 Apple

Lunch – 1:30pm – Just after a swim and spin on the bike
– 2-3 Cups (big serving) Southwestern Chicken Salad (new batch made on Sunday that is really tasty… extra chipotle sauce to make is smokey)
– 1 Orange

Dinner – 7pm – Start eating at whole foods when picking up some items for the house
– Beet Chips (saved a few for Megan meaning I didn’t eat the whole thing)
– Chili that Megan Made – Seriously one of the best things I’ve had in a long time. Smokey and sweet (stevia). Just hit the