Recovery Day – September 21st

6am – Day starts with the usual stuff. Hard 3 days of training behind me and today is all about relaxation, light movement, and getting great food.

6:45am – Consult with 3 new clients. Teaching new folks how to squat is always a fun introduction. I like to talk a little bit about the benefits of squatting. On a pretty regular basis I’ll mention to folks something about squatting and using the toilet. I’ll mention how important squatting is as evidenced by the fact that for thousands of years humans have been squatting to use the toilet. Blah blah blah…. People still freak out when I tell them we are going to do more than 10 squats in a row. So I was pretty happy when this video came across my email today.


8am – Breakfast
– 3 Eggs cooked in Bacon Fat
– Heirloom tomatos

8:30-11:30 – Coaching and consults
*10:15 – Snack
– Grapefruit
– Chicken Salad

Bike Ride
-14.6miles 58mins
-50m Swim; x 10; work:rest 1-to-1
-25m Freestyle; 25m Breaststroke; continuous for 400m

*Lunch – 2:30
– Meat Sauce (beef, artichoke, capers)
– Sweet Potatoes
– Cilantro Pesto
– Strawberreis

*Dinner – 7:30
– Curried seasoned chicken breast
– Cilantro pesto