Recovery Day – September 28th

6:30am – The day got started by answering a few client emails. Today I received an email from a client that is participating in an 8week long journaling experiment. She is attempting to write down her food, workouts, sleep, and stress reducers that she performs each day. Three weeks into the program and she shared her feelings with me. She felt discouraged by the process. In an attempt to be completely honest she found herself writing down all her food choices, good or bad. But she was dwelling on the poor choices. She decided she didn’t like the feeling of failure, as that was what she had declared her first 3 weeks. When she went on to explain her difficulties feeling full of energy and have a positive relationship with food on what felt like a restrictive program she declared that she was going to stop journaling. Instead she was going to just continue to make good choices, be mindful of her eating, and start to feel good about herself.

Nothing about her 3 weeks was a failure. The exercise of logging your eating is simply an exercise in accountability as well as self awareness. She held herself accountable for 3 weeks and arrived at some solid feelings and awareness of self. She knew more deeply than she did 3 weeks prior how she did not want to feel about her relationship to her food and lifestyle. The exercise also pushed her to reach out to someone and share with them her struggles. So often people keep that stuff bottled up inside and never express their frustrations or struggles. Lastly she opened the door for someone, in this case me, to step in and provide some support. She is motivated now more than before to keep certain things out of her life and to hold on to healthier behaviors. But she needed to be reminded that she was doing so many things well and succeeding on various fronts. We can get so focused on expectations. The expectations was 8 weeks of following through with journaling. When she didn’t meet that expectation their was some sense of failure. However, the outcome of this exercise is different for each person and success has to be defined differently for each person. In her case she succeeded by evaluating her feelings, addressing those feelings with action, and inviting help into her life. Once she heard that the shift happened immediately. A shift from failure to success, from negativity to positivity. 

7:45am – Coffee w/ Heavy Cream + Asian Chicken Salad + Strawberries
8:00am – 11:30am – Client consults and coaching

12:00pm – Swim Bike Run

100m Freestyle x 5; 1 min rest
15mins – Freestyle, Breast Stroke, Butterfly play

8 mile Bike Ride – some steady climbing and fast downhill

2 mile Run – moderate pace

*During Workout Nutrition – Liquid Protein and Carbs

Lunch – 3pm
– Chicken Tikka Masala from Whole Foods (totally awesome and pretty clean.. some canola oil but otherwise money ingredients)
– Beet Chips (entire container – I’ve never not finished one of these containers in a sitting)
*Shopped for Dinner and saw some great looking shrimp on sale. Picked up some rice to go with it.

3:30-5:30 – Hang around the gym and work on the computer. Fridays in the Mill Valley gym these days have such a great energy. We have a group class that has great attendance and then the hour that follows is a bustling open gym with a wide range of skill levels in there trying to get better without too much guidance. It is really fun to see. However sometimes I have to remind the high school youngsters that there is more to fitness than doing muscle ups. Everyone loves those things and once you got them you just want to do them every day. Remember what got you to that skill. Hard work, strength, variety, and proper rest.

6:30pm – Cook Dinner with Megz
– 40 Shrimp peeled and deveined (that is so boring)
– Chopped Tomatoes
– Chopped Scallions
– Chopped Onions
– Chicken Broth
– Jasmine Rice
Sort of a stir fry with a little Ancho Chili Powder

Wrapping up the season of Breaking Bad pretty soon.