Redwood Empire Weightlifting Meet

As you know by now I competed in my first ever olympic style weightlifting competition last weekend. Without really know what I was getting myself in to I signed up for a local meet. It was an all day event and ended with some great lessons learned and many firsts in my life.

I learned what it was like to compete in a new sport. Not being a specialist in the Olympic Lifts took some of the pressure off. I wasn’t competing against anyone except myself. My goal was to try to calm my nerves enough on game day to a point where I could perform to my potential. I fulfilled my goal and was able to make 6 great attempts at the Snatch and Clean & Jerk.

My opening lift in the Snatch was 102kg (224lb). I was nervous and a little shaky but was successful. My second lift was at 106kg (233lb). More comfortable than the first lift I felt very confident and made my attempt. My last lift was at 110kg (242lb) and an attempt at a personal best. By far my best lift of the day I walked off the platform feeling fantastic.

When the clean and jerk opened I came out at 125kg (275lb). I’ve made this several times and felt very confident with the weight. However, when I stood up from my first clean my legs got very wobbly. This is the case sometimes when the bar lands in the wrong place for me on my shoulders. Something happens and my legs get very numb and I lose balance. On any training day I would have dropped the bar, but not today. I got some air, listened to my coach, and made the jerk. My second attempt was at 131kg (288lb) and this lift felt much stronger. The clean was better and the jerk felt more confident. However, I got called for pressing out my right elbow and was denied a good lift.

I was frustrated. It was my first time not being rewarded for getting weight over my head in the clean and jerk. It also rattled me a bit since my goal at the beginning of the day was to attempt a 300lb clean and jerk. Without a 288 on the board I wasn’t sure what to do. My coach suggested just going for a big one and I was totally game. So they loaded up 137kg (301lbs) and I got set. Mentally I was all there. Physically I made one of the best cleans of my life. It was a grinder but successful. Then I made a great move on the jerk and had the lift in my grasp. It was then that my lack of experience caught up with me as I tried to recover too quickly on my jerk and lost my balance. My warrior cry as the weight starts falling down sums up my emotions at the end of the competition.

It was a successful day that couldn’t have happened without the support I got from my coach Jasha, my fans, and my teammates that were up on the platform with me. Looking forward to more experience and testing myself in new areas going forward. [youtube=]