Rest Day 9/10

I woke up to a fantastic Monday. We had a very relaxing weekend. Watched an unhealthy amount of the TV show Breaking Bad. I would recommend it to folks however I think it has a bit of an unhealthy addictive quality to it. It is kind of a stressful show. We have had to limit our viewing to a maximum of two episodes a day and never past 7:30 otherwise I messes with my sleep. The show is what they call “Gripping”.

Today was a pretty mellow day. Caught up on some work today. Met with a great friend and client. Watched him master Toes 2 Bar in about 5 minutes. He was pretty sure that he didn’t have the flexibility to learn these. But a few minutes later he was linking them like a pro. Funny how that goes. But when you have done your work on building a strong base of strength and you have coordination in pull ups then you will learn these things. Great job today K.

I did some light swimming. Looked like this.

25m Free
25m Breast Stroke
– continuous for 25minutes.
*took a few breaks to let the real swimmer pass me in the pool.

After the swim I layed out in the sun for a grand total of about 8 minutes before heading back to the gym to work. Those 8 minutes were fantastic. Slowing down for just a few minutes each day to get unplugged is crucial for the spirit.

My client asked me a question today that got me thinking about my business and my relationships to my clients. I love the members at my gym and I cherish the private client relationships that I build. Members will come and go and clients, such as my client last week Mark, will stop training with me. While it feels like a loss in the moment, those members and clients that leave and move on to new things make room in my life for new relationships to grow.

I’m actively looking to fill a current void of private clients as I love the process of relationship building and seeing clients achieve their goals. But I’m patient and I know that he or she will walk into my life soon enough. If you know anyone that wants to see about taking their health and fitness to new heights but is intimidated by the group setting of fitness please send them my way.