Sad Day at the Junction

I received the official word today that Roli Roti Gourmet Rotisserie will no longer be serving Chicken and Potatoes out of their food truck on Tuesday evenings at our gym anymore. Despite my best efforts to get you all to come and buy from them they were unable to generate enough sales to make it profitable. I’m devastated by this news. I suppose I could have stepped up my marketing a bit but I just figured salt/pepper/herb crusted golden brown chicken with a side of glistening fingerling potatoes drowning in chicken drippings and topped with some rosemary sea salt would sell itself. I guess I was wrong. This is a huge loss to my weekly food profile and I will now be forced to make the trip to the San Rafael Civic center on Sundays to get my fix.


What is a sad day for chicken lovers was a good day for my Front Squats. Go figure. Last week my front squat disaster sent me into a bit of a panicked funk. How could I be so week in the front squat? Well today was my day at front squat redemption.

Training Part 1 – 10:30 AM w/ Dan

A. Front squat 2, 2, 1, 1; rest 2 min – bldg sets, not maxes
295, 310, 325, 335
*These were all ridiculously easy. I’m not sure if you can tell from the video but I was more comfortable than I have ever been in this move. I decided to switch to a four finger grip rather than two finger grip. I also dropped my elbows just a little so it didn’t choke me out so much. And lastly I just said screw it and didn’t think too much. Magic. 340# is my previous 1RM and I didn’t feel like I was struggling at 335#. 
B. Power clean drop sets 2.4.6×3; rest 20 seconds/rest 3 min (TnG reps)
*This turned my sweat glands on something fierce. I went from warm and glistening, to hot and gushing in a matter of 3 sets. This was work for sure. Loved it!
C. KBS 2pood; amrap in 1 min x4; rest 1 min
31, 32, 31, 24 (broke twice in last set, all other unbroken)
*And the finisher. Got a little mental about my grip. Made 3 sets unbroken and on the 4th set I rested at 15 in hopes of being able to pick it right back up and finish off the minute. Didn’t work. Should have gone to failure and then picked it back up. 


Training Part 2 – 2pm w/ Dan Again

15 min amrap:
15 thrusters 75#
15 chin ups
15 calories airdyne
7 Rounds +42 Reps
*That was nasty. Light weights and small rep ranges and no real breathing resting stations. The airdyne wattage dropped to low 300’s by the last couple rounds. Should have finished 8 rounds but I broke up that last set of pull ups unnecessarily. Started to feel rough around 9-10mins in.