Saturday Aerobic Work + Testing

Good Morning! Friday was chock full of exciting television watching. Caught up on about 4 or 5 episodes of Breaking Bad. We are headed into season 4 and the future for Walt and Jesse is looking rough. Can’t wait to watch what comes up next. But as we march our way into the fall season the television programming is coming alive again. Shows like Impractical Jokers, X-Factor, Anthony Bourdain’s No Reservations, and more a flooding my DVR and making it hard to decide where to spend my precious TV hours. As an exercise in totally letting myself do nothing but stare I find television to be therapeutic. Does it replace a spiritual practice or a mindful meditation practice? I wouldn’t go that far. But when a busy work week and hard training week come to an end I do like to unwind to some good television. Would love to hear what you guys are watching these days in the comments section. Megz and I already lined up our next series “Homeland” based on some great recommendations from friends.

5:15am – Awake
5:30am – Supps + Double Espresso (made on my Pixie home expresso machine by Nespresso)
6:00am – Aerobic/Breathing work

20min Airdyne – 360 cals
20min Row – 357 cals (1:56 500m/avg)
15min Run – Loop from my gym out Tennessee Valley trail and through the neighborhood
*Shocked at how good running feels these days considering the lack of running in my training program. I ran my fasted 3K ever about 4 weeks ago. Then I’ve piled on a bunch of hours on the rower, airdyne, and low level flow work that feels more aerobic than anything. Running is feeling different. 

PWO – 7:15am 32P/20C
Breakfast – 8:30am
-3 Eggs + 1 Orange + 1 Heirloom Tomato

7:30-11:30 – Coaching and consults with new clients

11:30 – Training Part 2

Row 20 min z1
-2:05.5 500m/avg
Airdyne 1 min @60% (320W)
Airdyne 1 min @40% (190W)
253 W/avg
Flow work 20 min
MU, Pistol, HS Hold, HS Walk Practice, Reverse Hyper
Airdyne 20 min z1
-150 W/avg (mellow cool down)

During Workout Nutrition – 32P/20C
PWO Nutrition – 9P/21C

Lunch at home – 1:30
– 6oz Sliced Chicken Breast
– Large Salad (carrots, lettuce, cabbage, olive oil, golden balsamic, mustard, chili flake, S+P)
– 5 Strawberries

Training – 4pm

Rounds for time;
5 Power Cleans 235#
20m Handstand Walk
*I’m not yet confident to try walking on my hands when my breathing is heavy. Breathing isn’t super controlled while on my hands. I started to find some rhythm on the final 3 sets but shoulders were fatigued. Handstand walking was however much better overall than anticipated. Mentally I was trying to achieve sets of 10m at a time. I didn’t want to get into a situation where I was having to take many breaks on each trip across the gym. Having one under my belt like this give me confidence to attack HS walking a bit more in the future. All the skill practice doing handstand walking doesn’t come close to teaching you as much as when you are under time pressure and breathing heavily. 


PWO – 20g Protein

Dinner with the Family “Dads Birthday”- Outback Steakhouse
– 12oz Sirloin
– Steamed Broccoli
– Baked potato with butter, chives, and bacon bits.
Dessert at home with Family
– Paleo Chocolate Cake with custard
*Something at this meal absolutely crushed my insides. My stomach was churning all night. I felt bloated and angry. It is been so long since I had this feeling and it messed with my sleep. Even this morning I’m still not 100% and Megz said I seemed a bit irritated. Food is a powerful drug, make sure you choose the best stuff out there and that you always know what it is in your food when you eat it.

Bed Late – 10pm