Saturday September 29th

Wake up – 5:20
Double Espresso, Greens+Fibre + Pack up 2 meals to take to the gym with me.

Early Morning Training Part 1- 6am Arrive at the gym with the decorative lights on outside the gym. Got the holiday lights on a timer now so when we she up early in the AM the lights are shining and you immediately feel good. Couple of coaches got up early with me to train. Love to hang out with my fellow coaches and teammates.

Row 500m @95%
Rest 7 min
1:30.3, 1:30.0, 1:30.2, 1:30.1, 1:31.7


PWO 7:15 – 40g Whey/40g Carb
7:30-10:30 – Coaching
*Breakfast between classes – 3 Fried eggs in butter with cilantro pesto + 1 apple and about 8 strawberries

Training Part 2 – Coaches hang out part 2 – all new players with the exception of me. Surround yourself with inspired and great people and you too will be inspired and great.

For time:
Row 2k
50 pistols
30 hang power clean 225#

*I’m very upset that there is no video to support this. The video stopped after about 3mins due to lack of space on the camera. Last time I make that mistake. So here is the blow by blow. Rowing 2k today was an entirely different mindset and focus than on Thursday. Here the goal was to manage my engine and not explode too early in the workout. For me the hardest part was going to be the cleans. If I could get to that point in the workout with my head still clear and my backside still in tact then I was going to be successful. The row took me about 7:35 (that is almost a minute slower than Thursdays 2k time trial). After that I chipped away at the pistols pretty steadily. No missed reps. I took about 2 mins to complete the pistols. At about 10mins on the clock I picked up the bar for my first hang clean. I did 4 reps immediately and then did doubles the rest of the way. My rest intervals between my sets of 2 were a little sporadic. I would try to push my pace and then would end up having to take a little longer to recover. With 14:30 on the clock I had 4 reps to do and I did everything in my power to ensure that I finished under 15mins. Success. I’ll look forward to doing another workout like this in a few months as I can already feel in the few weeks since my last 225# hang clean tester I have improved a bit. Feeling better and more confident.

PWO 2:00pm – 40g Whey/40g Carb
Lunch – 3pm
– Asian Chicken Salad with Honey Mustard
– Leftover side salad from last night (mixed greens, cabbage, carrots, romaine, scallions, balsamic vinegrette)
– Sweet Potatoes – a bunch of them roasted in bacon fat and lightly salted

Dinner – 6:30pm
– Shrimp leftovers from last night (scallions, tomatoes, onions)
– 3/4C White Rice
– Roasted Beets
– Cilantro Pesto