Saturday Testing

How do you break a cycle that isn’t serving you? Do you resign to feelings you get at certain times of the day or week or year? Can you break out and make a change in order to live a better day? I’ve been having a run of bad Saturdays the last several weeks. It almost has taken over my thoughts, my body, my actions each weekend. I just wake up and I almost walk out the door with some level of defeat that this day might not be as great as it could be. But today was different. Some simple changes to my routine helped me to change my perception of the day. It wasn’t going to be a battle, it was going to be a fun and energetic day that I was eager to get after.

Today was about smashing a benchmark that has been haunting me since the CrossFit Games this year. On day 3 of the CrossFit Games my team and I had the opportunity to participate in the finals of the affiliate cup. The final workout consisted of 6 named CrossFit benchmark workouts. I was chosen to perform Diane. The workout consists of 21-15-9 reps of deadlifts and handstand push ups. Going into the competition I had a personal best of 2:51 on this workout. The pressure of the competition and feeling as though I needed to pull a rabbit out the hat and set a record made me make some poor choices in the workout. That combined with day 3 fatigue I failed miserably to meet my previous best and in fact probably finished the workout in around 5:00. Disappointed that I finished the competition in such poor fashion. Well today was a little redemption.

Training Part 1 – Noon

A. Power snatch off blocks (above knee); build to a max
– 230
– 2:16

*Felt great today on Diane. I attacked the workout unlike I have ever done in the past. No fear that I might fail on HSPU. Used some kipping HSPU and timed them perfectly. Had to take one short break in the set of 15 HSPU but otherwise it was all unbroken. This workout felt different than it has ever felt. Finally went fast enough for it to hurt a little bit.



Training Part 2 – 3pm

For time:
Row 750m
50 wall balls
Row 500m
50 wall balls
row 250m
8:48 – Unbroken

*Another workout that I’m familiar with. About 2 weeks before I connected with my coach James I did something very similar (500m Row/50 WB/500m Row/50 WB/500m Row). Both today’s workout and that one I did previously had the same amount of work so I had a benchmark time to shoot for. Last time I did this it was 9:08 and all my reps were unbroken. So the only chance at improving my time today was rowing faster and cutting down on transition time. Felt good about my pacing on the row as I had just enough juice in my legs to finish the last set of WB unbroken and still have it in me for a push at the end.