September 14 & 15

Friday September 14th – Rest Day

Short work day and no scheduled workout. Great day to welcome back my good friend Danny who has flown back from Arizona for the weekend. Had a chance to catch up with my old teammate at the gym and had a little team reunion with most of the teammates from the Games Team. I was the only one sitting out and watching but it sure was fun to be in a room with all those guys again.

After the team festivities were over I hopped on my road bike for an hour. I did a loop in Marin from the gym out to Paradise Drive, over Trestle Glen, and back up Tiburon Blvd to the bike path.
60min Ride
15 miles
Felt great to ride as always. Little stronger headwind at the 3pm hour than I’m used to but nothing too serious. Legs and lungs feel better and better each ride I take.

Came back to the gym to see a bustling 3pm class finishing their workout. So fun to have the gym a busy place on a Friday afternoon. As some of you know, and others don’t, we recently added afternoon and evening classes to our schedule at the Mill Valley TJ’s Gym location and they have been very well attended so far.

The rest of the evening was spent at home with Megz cooking good food and watching Breaking Bad. Old Walter White is getting himself deep into trouble these days and we just cannot take our eyes off the screen.

September 15th – Training Day

5:05am – Wake Up, Morning Shake, and Double Espresso Shot
6:00am РTraining 

Row 15 min z1
(2:00 avg/500)
Airdyne 1 min @60% (315W)
Airdyne 1 min @40% (195W)
x5 (257 avg/Watts)
Flow work 15 min
GHD Sit Up/Hip Extension
FS/OHS/Thruster mobility work in flats
Reverse Hyper
Airdyne 15 min z1
251 avg/Watts
276 Cals

PWO – 32g Protein/20g Carbs
7:30-10:30 – Busy Classes Coaching. 29 People came to the gym at 8:30. WOWZERZ!
*Breakfast at 8:30 between classes
1 Grapfruit
3 Egg Fritata (onions, greens, tomatoes)

11:00am – Training part 2

5 rounds for time:
5 hang power snatch 135# (from below knee)
5 muscle up (3 ring dips on the top of EVERY muscle up)


*Man this was tough. This week has involved a lot of shoulder volume. Tuesday I did heavy weighted dips and lots of clap push ups. Thursday I had 90 ring dips in my workout. Today I got to add 25 muscle ups and 75 Ring Dips to the weekly total. Much different rhythm on the muscle up/ring dip combination and I was left only being able to performs singles. Most often when I read a workout I can visualize very clearly how I’m going to perform the reps and sets. Today was an exception. As soon as I started the workout I needed to have a change of plans. My snatches felt great minus a few reps when I hit my head with the bar on the way down. Otherwise great.

PWO fueling – 32g Protein/20g Carbs
1:00pm – Lunch
– Southwestern Chicken Salad (made a fresh batch last night and it is so delicious. next week Megan suggested we switch it up and make a Curried Chicken Salad. I will post recipe then)
– Roasted Kale Chips
– Strawberries
– Ketchup

2:00pm – Megz and I are off to a wedding. Our close friends and for me teammates for the last several years Evan and Jessica are getting married today. First gym wedding I’ve been to but I’m sure it won’t be the last. I’m very happy for these two and will be wishing them the very best. Now off to get dressed for the occasion.

*Side Note – I hate wearing regular clothes. Not to mention wearing formal attire. I say if it doesn’t have an elastic waste band then I probably don’t want to be wearing it. I mean I chose to be a fitness coach for a reason. Shorts, sweats, t-shirts, and comfortable shoes. Oh well, tonight I’ll make the exception. But NOBODY better expect me to get out there and dance! That aint happening. I’m SERIOUS!