September 8th, Training/Testing

AM Training –
10min Zone 1 – Warm Up Row
Row 500m @ 1:50; rest 1min; 5 sets
10min Flow Session
-Parallete HSPU
-Ring L-Sits
-Reverse Hyper (mobility for back)
-Strict Muscle Ups
15min Zone 1 – Aridyne (69-70rpm)

7:30-1:30 – Coaching and client consults

Training Part 2
For Time
Power Snatch 185
Toes 2 Bar


The early ┬ámorning session felt great today. Love to start my day with breathing work. The 500m pacing repeats were fun and it is helpful to have a weekly increase and goal to try to keep on these repeats. Afternoon tester was fun. I imagine that as my back continues to heal and feel even better that I will be able to attack workouts like that a little bit more. My plan going into that tester was to perform all my T2B sets unbroken. This wasn’t too hard to accomplish, however the pulling strength from the Power Snatches did make the T2B more difficult than normal. With the Power Snatch the goal was to start by breaking up the first set and second set in two. When the clock started and the first set of 5 felt great and were unbroken I knew my plan had to change. Got to the round of 4 and tried of a few touch and go reps. Lost my balance and had to reset for my second rep. Figured at this point the rest of thew workout would be faster if I just went with singles. Sub 2mins is totally reasonable and I’ll aim for that next time around.