Shoulder Pump: 3 Ways, 3 Planes

Warmup: Abductor Duet

A1. 12 Banded Monster Walks (forward and backward); rest 30sec x 4 sets
A2. 20sec Star Side Plank/side; rest 60-90sec x 4 sets

*The abductors of the body are so important. They play a big role in all of our our hip dominant movements. Squatting, deadlifting, swings, jumping, etc. Using simple planks and band walks we can do ourselves a huge favor by warming them up and to an extent pre-fatiguing them before training. I find when they are a little fatigued from warm up sets like this they tend to wake up and work harder for me when I squat. Try them out!

Shoulder Pump: 3 Ways, 3 Planes

5 Single Arm KB Floor Press
Turkish Get Ups
5 Single Arm KB Strict Press
rest as needed x 3 sets per arm

*I love this complex because it gets you pressing in two separate planes: horizontal pushing and vertical pushing. That with the Turkish get up as a connection movement makes this a terrific shoulder builder!