Skin the Cat


Flex and Extend:

A1. 10 Quadruped Hip Ext/leg (2sec hold at top of each rep); rest 30sec x 3
A2. 10 Jefferson Curls @ 3030 tempo (3 seconds down, 3 seconds up, no pauses between); rest 90sec x 3

*Flexion and extension of the spine are typically movements that we try to avoid when performing loaded exercises. The reality is that we flex and extend our spines all day, every day, in real life. The Jefferson Curl when performed at low load is a terrific way to build some resilience and flexibility around the spine and is often a movement to implement in warm ups for that reason.

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Functional Core Pump:

Skin the Cat
Dead Hang to Inverted
Strict Toes to Rings (3sec Lowering)
15sec L-Hang Flutter Kicks
rest as needed x 4 sets

*Today’s core challenge is a great way to build your anterior core flexion strength, grip strength, and your scapular strength and mobility. Attempt to link these sets together unbroken.