SUNDAY – MAP Retesting

6:30am – Woke up earlier than I wanted to. Still feeling a bit off from whatever I ate for dinner last night. Had a few things I don’t normally have. Coconut desert that had coconut flour might have been the culprit. It was tasty so I had more than I should of and I felt bad. Didn’t have much of an appetite this morning because of it. So I had my coffee and morning green/fibre shake. What I did do was a go nuts cleaning the kitchen this morning. Nothing quite like the morning ritual of cleaning the kitchen to make the day feel brighter.

Training – 10:00am – (compare to September 2nd reps/feelings/emotions/etc)
5min @ 85%
7 OHS (95#)
7 Burpee Box Jumps (24″)
7 Pull Ups
5 Rounds (4 rounds + 10reps)
Rest 3mins

*took much less rest between stations. felt confident jumping off the box in BBJ. Squat snatch to start each rep of OHS was very comfortable. Feeling much more confident to catch my balance in a deep squat after snatch. Usually will power snatch for OHS sets in order to achieve great balance before I start set. Easy to get it now at the bottom of a snatch. surprised at how well I could push my pace on BBJ and still maintain pace on the rest. next goal would be able to take out my extra step on the jump of the BBJ and still remain aerobic. I’ve tried this recently and by breathing go too frantic.


5min @ 85%
12 KBS (1.25 pood)
12 Push Ups
24 Double Unders
5 Rounds + 14 Reps (5 Rounds + 2 Reps)
Rest 3 Mins

*Found myself speeding up my swings on the later sets. I was always able to regain my breathing and recover on the KBS. By rep 4 I would get comfortable each time regardless of the quick transitions. Don’t see myself moving much faster on this one in the future unless I can really build more speed and stamina on push ups.


5min @ 85%
10 Wall Balls
10 T2B
10 Airdyne Cals
4 Rounds + 10 Reps (4 Rounds + 1 Rep)
*My airdyne pace was probably a little slower than first time around. However, this allowed me to go directly into wall ball sets without rest. I was confident with WB after the last couple weeks of MAP sessions and my WB testing last wednesday. I know I can get 10 reps and hold onto my breathing pace. T2B felt great as compared to week 1 when my back was still tight and full flexion on T2B was a little irritating.


OVERALL – Great session this morning despite feeling some GI distress from something at dinner last night. Reggae is my preferable workout music these days.

PWO – 40g P/40g C
Late Breakfast – 11:15
– 3 Eggs cooked in bacon fat
– roasted kale
– 1 Grapefruit

12:00pm – 60min Massage. I think I was long overdue for some body work. My muscle were so sore and funky. Every few minutes I would say to myself, “wow she found my sore spot.” Turns out my entire body was like that.

1:15pm – Lunch
– Asian Chicken Salad (very similar to the Southwestern one we make but different spices, curry, almonds instead of pumpkin seeds… very delicious)
– Cilantro Pesto (quite possibly the best tasting condiment I know how to make)
– Yams

4:00pm – Snack
– More Chicken Salad bites
– Heirloom tomatoes
– Cilantro Pesto (finished the rest of it)

Busy Afternoon working on programming for clients. Each week I sit down at the computer to create a plan for my clients and a plan for our group classes. The inspiration comes from the clients mainly. What does that one person really need right now to help them achieve their goals? Do they need a day to work on their squatting? Do they need a day to rest and recover? Do they need to be around a group of people and not be isolated? There are thousands of factors that must be taken into consideration when devising a plan for you clients. If you don’t have the skills to assess where they are currently then you cannot know where they need to go. Assessment is more than just physical. It is emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Every week that I repeat this ritual of assessing needs and prescribing action for our members and clients I learn something new about myself and about creating relationships. Mistakes get made and I’m better for each and every one of them. To be a successful coach you must take that first step towards prescribing for your clients based upon what they need at that moment in their lives. Even when dealing with groups of people I’ve come to find that the ability to be attentive to the individuals needs in that moment can make all the difference in those relationships.

Dinner – Salad, Steak, and a little Potato (redo from dinner last night only this time all home made)
– Cabbage, lettuce, carrots, onions, mayo/balsamic dressing
– Grass Fed Chuck Steak
– Yams