SUNDAY, October 21

Sleeping in is glorious. Getting up after the sun is up feels so human. I only wish every day could be like that. The other thing that feels glorious is waking up and not having to go run a 5k immediately. This morning all I had to look forward to was a 20min Z1 run which I did happily. It took me a while to get moving this am because my calves are ridiculously sore. Thursday night I was running for 40 mins, Saturday morning another 20mins, and now on Sunday I’m limping around like I did after 15mins of box jumps in last years open. Hopefully this is just the beginning of me building up some indestructible calves since much of the next 3 week of my program involves running.

Training Part 1 – 8:30am

20min Z1 Run
-Average HR – 141bpm. Felt good to loosen up. All I could think about the entire 20 mins while I was on the track was how can I get faster at my 5k run.

Training Part 2 – Noon

10 min amrap @85%
Row 200m
5 thrusters 95#
5 chin ups
-7 Rounds + 140m
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @85%
10 wall balls
10 toes to bar
Row 300m
-5 Rounds
Rest 5 min
10 min amrap @85%
30 double unders
10 burpees
10 power snatch 95#
-5 Rounds

*First 10mins felt great. I was able to push my pace, keep the breathing rate high, and keep the transitions short. I finished feeling pretty good. The second 10mins was also a pretty good workout for me. My rowing pace climbed up a little bit but the transitions were quick and I never hesitated to pick up the wall ball. What is all came down to was that final 10mins. The pain started around round 2 and just persisted. It was uncomfortable from the moment I hit the ground for the second set of burpees. I found myself just wanting it to be over and suddenly my movement got slower. But there was lots of time left and I knew I couldn’t give up. So I tried to remind myself that everyone would be feeling this bad if they were in my shoes and the best would still come out on top. Who can keep moving with purpose rather than just trying to survive is the person that will win in the end. So I kept trying to move with purpose and not just go into survival mode. Happy that I picked up my pace towards the end. Hard MAP session today.




Afternoon was spent with some great friends. Megz and I played a round of golf with the Cranes. Megan was a champ on her first round of golf ever. Natural! I managed a bunch of bogies, one birdie and on par. I still have a little game on the golf course but certainly a far cry from my hay day in high school. I miss being able to stand over the golf ball and have almost complete control. Simple lesson with this one. If you don’t practice a skill it will most certainly not be as good as it used to be.


Coffee Shop Stop 9:15am – large decaf with cream and a pound of ground Peets coffee for home
Breakfast  – 9:30am
– 4egg Fritata w/ Swish Chard
– Ketchup
– Grapefruit

PWO – 1pm
– 60g Carb, 30g Whey

Lunch – 2:00pm
– Beef Chili left over from other night
– Beets – about 60g Carbs

Dinner – 6:30pm
– Cauliflower Rice
– Chicken Tikka Masala
– Side Salad

Snack – 8:30
– Apple Sauce
– Slivered Almonds
– Dark Chocolate