Sunday Sept 30th

6:20am – Good Morning – Double Espresso and Greens/Fibre
7:30am – Training

10 min amrap @85%
10 hang squat clean 135#
10 burpees
10 chin ups
30 double unders
4 Rounds + 23 Reps

*Guest Star Megan

rest 5 min

30 second run @85%
30 second run @50%

20min Z1 Airdyne – Cool down
Foam Rolling – 20mins

*Not every training session goes as you hoped it would. Some days the mind and body just don’t give you what you had hoped for. Everything felt heavy, I felt like I was moving slow, and I just wasn’t pleased with how I moved today. With the exception of the last 10 sets of running, which actually felt pretty good considering how awful the previous 10mins was, today just wasn’t what I hoped it would be. I found myself saying to Megan after the training session “I feel like I didn’t get anything out of that training session. I’m bummed because I feel like I may have wasted a training day.” But the reality is that I didn’t waste anything. I gained something from this mornings less than perfect performance. In my eyes I didn’t bring the energy to the day that I wanted to. So my take away is to figure out how to better perform on Sundays. To begin with I think I learned not to rush the Sunday workout in the morning. Save Sunday training for the afternoon or PM to allow for a little more recovery. Also I’ve made the mistake recently of not preparing mentally for Sunday training sessions. Perhaps because it is the end of a training week or because it is my one day that I don’t coach or see clients so my mental energy shifts. Either way something needs to shift.

PWO – 40g Carb/40g Protein Liquid
Breakfast – 10am
– Mushroom, zucchini, squash, tomato, egg Fritata
– Avocado
– 1.5 Apples
– Kale roasted

Lunch – 1:30pm
– Southwestern Chicken
– .5 Apple

Dinner – 5pm
– Grilled Chicken
– Cilantro Pesto
– 3/4 C Rice
– Tomatoes

Breaking Bad is Officially over. We finished season 4. Wow! What a way to end it.

I’m going to crawl off to bed now. My legs are so sore. Ever since Wednesday of last week my legs have been getting trashed. I think I’m ready for a day off. Maybe a massage. Sleep will cure me. Need it now.