Sunday – Training for the Long One

Sunday Training sessions are all about prepping for the long workouts that seem to suck the life out of even the best competitors. You need more than skill and a good engine to thrive in these longer workouts that combine weightlifting with gymnastics. You need to find some level of discomfort that you thrive in. Despite the pain can you maintain the belief that you are capable to winning? Sunday training is more than just physical, it is very mental. Throughout the workout today I focused on trying to control my facial expression and body language. Relax your face, hold your chest up tall, don’t slump, move between exercises with purpose. It is amazing how often in these sessions I find myself with a pained face on. Does the pained face make it any better? Does it make it less painful? Not at all. I think it is the bodies way of answering the brains distress signal. No matter the expression you make there is a certain level of physical potential you have at any moment. The more you posture and expressions reflect a belief that you can do more, the closer to that potential you can get. Watch someone when they are really at their limits. Does their body and face show it? Or do they look as if they could endure for much longer. I’ve seen athletes at very high levels all experience discomfort. I know this from the experience of doing exactly what they are doing. But the expressions are always different from person to person. And the champions look different. Their expression don’t reflect the discomfort or the talk inside their head.

Training – 2pm

10 min amrap @85%
20 sandbag walking lunges
10 chin ups
10 back extensions
30 double unders
Rest 6 min
10 min amrap @85%
10 thrusters 75#
10 knees to elbow
10 kbs 1.5 pood
30 calories airdyne
rest 6 min
10 min amrap @85%
Row 250m
10 burpees
20 db walking lunges 15#/hand
30 double unders
3+12 Lunges