Super Sunday!

I’m not much of a football fan. In fact the super bowl was the first football game I’ve watched since the last super bowl. But on Super Bowl Sunday I pretty much make sure I get in front of a TV so I can see what is going on. Now that it is over I’m going right back to my no sports television policy until next year. After the Super Bowl talk dies down please don’t try to engage me in any other sports talk as I will certainly be lost.

Time to shift focus back to training hard, living clean, and having fun. Had one too many paleo cookies at Mom’s house, a little overboard on the dark chocolate and chocolate covered gogi berries last night, and lets not even talk about the gum shenanigans I pulled off today during my marathon 6 hours of programming.

Lets see the highlights form the last two days of training. Enjoy!

Friday Training – Noon

A. Squat snatch; build to a max
– 270 – New PR (went on to try 275 and had a scary miss that freaked me out a little bit)

B. EMOM for 12 min – 2 squat snatch @73% of A
– 197# – Complete and felt good. Started of a little shaky after the bad miss with 275
15 min amrap:
20 meter hs walk
2 rope climbs
– 9 Rounds + 10m – happy that I had a chance to do this workout with my old teammate Yago Fidani. Great gymnast so I know he would push me on the HS walks. Breathing is always tough when upside down. Happy with how well my shoulders help up for this. 


Sunday Training – Noon

A. Clean and jerk 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1; rest 2:30
– 265, 295, 315 (miss jerk), 315, 325(pr), 330(miss jerk, pr clean)

Row 5k for time
– 18:00.3 (first time doing this and I learned a lot about myself and breathing and pacing. Dan coached me through ever single stroke. Awesome to have a knowledgable rower at your side. Can see how my stroke rate climbed the whole way as did my pace. Breathing was always two breaths per stroke and consistent. Lots of breathing in 18mins. Felt awesome and now I know I could hold a lower split and crank even more at the end. 

Negative Splits Yeah!

Negative Splits Yeah!


Wrap Up

Great training weekend. Three PRs this weekend in the Snatch, Clean and Jerk, and Clean. Lifting is more consistent than ever. I know I have more in me and with more touches and refinement of the movements I feel like these current PR’s will be consistent lifts. My 5k to end the weekend felt super solid throughout. I kept a very focused pace and emptied the tank at the right time it felt like. Lifting feels good, breathing feels good, body is feeling good. Looking forward to next steps.